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Act 1, Scene 1

• Max, a retired butcher, argues with his grown son Lenny in the living room of their London home.

• Max talks about a man he calls MacGregor; later in the play we learn that MacGregor was Max's father.
• Lenny asks Max for advice on betting on a horse, and Max reminisces about his days at the track.

• Lenny and Max bicker about Max's cooking, and Max threatens to hit Lenny with his cane.
• Max 's brother Sam comes in after a hard day's work as a chauffeur.

• Max talks about why he is the best chauffeur working for the firm.
• Max taunts Sam about not being married.

• Sam says he will never have a bride like Max's wife, Jessie.
• Max's second son, Joey, who is a boxer, comes in and asks if there is any food.

• Max loses his temper with Joey and says his sons always...

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