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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Orwell want to write?
(a) A letter in defense of Franco.
(b) A book about Prison torture.
(c) An anti-Fascist article.
(d) A letter in defense of Kopp.

2. What unit does Orwell want to be transferred to?
(a) The Popular Army.
(b) POUM.
(c) The Militia.
(d) The International Column.

3. What does Orwell describe the Communists political maneuverings as?
(a) A cesspool.
(b) A genocide.
(c) A swamp.
(d) A dart board.

4. Why is Smilie arrested at the border?
(a) For not having a passport.
(b) Fror kidnapping a child.
(c) For stealing from the government.
(d) For smugglng arms.

5. What is the name of the hotel Orwell goes to when the fighting breaks out?
(a) Hotel Falcon.
(b) Hotel Hooves.
(c) Hotel Eagle.
(d) Hotel Wren.

6. Who does the government's heavily armed police force exclude?
(a) Anarchists.
(b) Trade union members.
(c) Fascist officers.
(d) Stalinists.

7. What group controls Hotel Falcon?
(a) The Popular Army.
(b) CNT.
(c) POUM.
(d) The Civil Guards.

8. Where does Orwell say pistols are almost unobtainable?
(a) The enemy line.
(b) The frontline.
(c) Zaragoza.
(d) Madrid.

9. What kind of fighting does Kopp tell his men they have been ordered to engage in?
(a) Defensive fighting.
(b) Sneak attacks.
(c) Offensive fighting.
(d) Distant fighting.

10. Who does Orwell try to get released?
(a) McNair.
(b) Cottman.
(c) Nin.
(d) Kopp.

11. In what month does fighting break out in Barcelona?
(a) August.
(b) May.
(c) July.
(d) June.

12. From what city do the Assault Guards arrive?
(a) Barcelona.
(b) Mallorca.
(c) Madrid.
(d) Valencia.

13. Who ordered the attack on the telephone exchange?
(a) POUM.
(b) The government.
(c) The Civil Guards.
(d) The Popular Army.

14. From what is Williams suffering?
(a) An arm wound.
(b) Amnesia.
(c) A leg wound.
(d) Shell shock.

15. Who runs the Sanatorium Maurin?
(a) CNT.
(b) POUM.
(c) FAI.
(d) PNUC.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which group publicly distanced itself from The Friends of Durruti's poster?

2. Which group do the propaganda channels put down?

3. To where is Orwell first evacuated?

4. Who do the POUM fight with in the Hotel Falcon?

5. What political leader does Orwell want Spain to reject?

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