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Chapter 1

• George Orwell arrives in Barcelona to work as a journalist. He is surprised at the revolutionary spirit within the city. There are pamphlets and flags everywhere and buses are painted red and black.

• George Orwell meets an Italian militiaman. Inspired by his friendly confidence, Orwell enlists in a militia unit called POUM.

• Orwell finds most of the soldiers in his unit are teenagers and have had no prior military experience. In fact, the militia is so poorly organized, they train with no weapons.

• Eventually Orwell's unit is mobilized for the front.
• Orwell and his unit parade through the streets of Barcelona. Everyone has great pride in the militia and the occasion has the atmosphere of a festival.

• Orwell and his unit board a train to Barbastro.

Chapter 2

• Orwell and his unit travel through war torn Spanish towns.

• In Alcubierre, Orwell and his unit are finally issued weapons...

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