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Short Answer Questions

1. Who carries a woman inside a sack as he boards the caravan?

2. What is piling up in the store when the children tell their parents what they want to buy?

3. What does the package contain that Death gives Nobbs?

4. Who is protective of Banjo, his slow-witted brother?

5. What does Susan realize that the wizards call into being?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Susan discover in the books about the Hogfather in Death's library?

2. Who is Twyla? What is her role in the story?

3. Whom does Susan meet when she goes to the bar called Biers? What happens?

4. Why do the Auditors approach Lord Downey?

5. Describe Susan.

6. What does Death do that contradicts the girl's wish?

7. What is unusual about this Hogswatch?

8. What is inside the package that Corporal Nobbs opens with Constable Visit?

9. What does Teatime's group show that worries Sideney?

10. Why does Mr. Crumley call the City Watch?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is the ritual of Christmas portrayed in Hogfather? How does this depiction vary from traditional stories? Describe.

Essay Topic 2

Explain Pratchett's use of humor in the book. Cite examples of at least two different instances of humor and explain why the author used them where he did.

Essay Topic 3

How is the Tooth Fairy portrayed in Hogfather? How does this depiction vary from traditional stories? Describe.

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