Objects & Places from Hogfather

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This is the equivalent of Christmas, where a character travels around the world bringing presents to good children.


Possessing these items gives one character control over another. Mr. Teatime takes them to stop the children from believing in the Hogfather.


This object is the thinking machine that the wizards living at the Unseen University created.


This creature tells Susan that Death has gone insane and is dressed as the Hogfather.

Death of Rats

This creature, the grim reaper of its species, wears a black robe and has a small scythe.

The Castle of Bones

This is the residence of Hogfather and is made of ice.

Hour Glass

This object shows the life expectancy of everything that is alive or self-aware.

Library of Death

This location contains the autobiography of everyone in the world and provides the information Susan needs to find where Violet Bottler...

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