Hogfather Character Descriptions

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Susan Sto-Helit

This character tries to act normal, but is a grandchild of Death who can walk through solid objects and force people to do things.


In the book, this character speaks in all capital letters, has a skeletal face, a hairbrush, a violin, and dresses in a hog outfit.

Mr. Johnathan Teatime

This character is a young and unpredictable hired assassin with two odd eyes--one is a black marble and the other is white with a small pupil in the middle.


This character has a master, wears a pixie outfit, and helps deliver toys.


Despite never having a drink, this character is constantly ill from what other people drink.

Banjo Lilywhite

A large person of little intelligence, this character is very loyal to a sibling, becomes a personal guard, and eventually takes over the Tooth Fairy's job.

Medium Dave Lilywhite

This character is unable...

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