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• Death dresses up in a red and white suit with a false beard and delivers presents.

• Susan, Death's granddaughter, tries to keep things running smoothly.

• Susan sees a vision of teeth when she is lying in bed.

• Twyla, a child that Susan takes care of, is afraid of an eight-armed monster in the cellar.

• Susan takes the poker down to the cellar.

• Gaiters are having a party and one of the guests sees Susan.

• They laugh that Susan can "kill" the monster.

• Susan goes into the cellar and leaves with a bent poker

• The guests go back to the party, and Susan drags out an eight-armed monster from the cellar and out on to the lawn, where the body evaporates.
• In Ankh-Morpork, Lord Downey, the head of the Assassin's guild, receives uninvited guests.

• The Auditors who have the task of auditing the universe, ask Lord Downey...

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