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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the full name of the grim-faced man who habitually predicts disasters like floods and poisoned fish?

2. What does the Master believe about Thorin and his company at first?

3. What skills or interests does the Master have that have made him the ruler of Laketown?

4. In Chapter 12, who volunteers to come some of the way down the tunnel with Bilbo?

5. Why is Bard astonished when the thrush lands on his shoulder?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Bilbo give the Arkenstone to Bard the Bowman?

2. Describe what the Master of Laketown is like in your own words.

3. What advice does Roac the raven give to Thorin in this Chapters 15 & 16?

4. Why does the dwarves' imprisonment turn out to be a lucky accident?

5. Why does Bombur remain in the lower camp with the ponies and supplies in Chapter 11?

6. Upon what does Bard the Bowman base his claim to a share of the dragon's treasure?

7. What is the dwarves' original plan or strategy?

8. What effect does the sight of the treasure have on the dwarves?

9. What can be deduced about the dragon from the steam and smoke coming out from the Front Gate?

10. What details are given in Chapter 11 as hints to an alert reader that the one chance of finding the keyhole is about to present itself?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many locations are described within the world of The Hobbit. Where would you most like to live in this world and why? Are there any disadvantages or downsides of living in the place you have chosen?

Choose from one of the following possible locations:

1. Hobbiton

2. Rivendell

3. Beorn's house

4. Laketown

5. The palace of the Elvenking

Essay Topic 2

The Hobbit contains a lot of "author talking," where the author addresses the listener or reader directly (often referring to "you and me"). Sometimes, this can be effective, but at other times it can be irritating.

Part 1: Find an example of effective "author talking" and explain why it is effective.

Part 2: Find an example of irritating or distracting "author talking" and explain why this technique should not have been used.

Essay Topic 3

Conflicts and obstacles are very important in creating plot and plot tension. What are some of the important conflicts and obstacles in The Hobbit and how are these conflicts or obstacles resolved and overcome? Do any conflicts remain unresolved, and if so, how?

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