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Short Answer Questions

1. Why do most of the arrows shot at Smaug have no effect on him?

2. Who finds the 'doorstep' of the secret door in Chapter 11?

3. Apart from the dragon, what other animals live inside the Lonely Mountain?

4. Why is Bilbo unhappy during their stay in Laketown?

5. What advice does Roac give to Thorin about the Lakemen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the dwarves' original plan or strategy?

2. Explain the meaning of the ambiguous or riddling answers Bilbo gives to Smaug to avoid revealing his name to the dragon (and thus giving the dragon power over him)?

3. Why does Thorin refuse to share the treasure with Bard and his allies and treat them with hostility?

4. What effect does the sight of the treasure have on the dwarves?

5. What are the five armies involved in the Battle of the Five Armies?

6. Why does Bombur remain in the lower camp with the ponies and supplies in Chapter 11?

7. What advice does Roac the raven give to Thorin in this Chapters 15 & 16?

8. Describe what the Master of Laketown is like in your own words.

9. What is the cause of most of the casualties resulting from Smaug's attack on Esgaroth (Laketown)?

10. What dreams or legends do the Lakemen have regarding the King Under the Mountain and Smaug?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In building his fantasy world, Tolkien has used fantastic or imaginary elements as well as familiar and real-world elements in order to make his world believable.

Part 1. List and describe some familiar and real-world elements that appear within The Hobbit.

Part 2. List and describe the fantastic or imaginary (magical) elements that appear within this book.

Part 3. Evaluate whether Tolkien has managed to integrate the fantastic with the everyday successfully or not.

Essay Topic 2

Describe how the character of Bilbo changes from the start of the novel to the end. How does he stay the same?

Essay Topic 3

The contrast between light and darkness is often used as a symbol of the contrast between good and evil. Does The Hobbit use this symbolism so that light always represents or symbolizes good while darkness always represents or is associated with evil? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

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