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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Smaug meet in his nightmare before he wakes up?

2. How can the dwarves and Bilbo reach the third camp outside the 'doorstep'?

3. How does Bilbo know that the gem he stumbles across is the Arkenstone?

4. How long do the dwarves and Bilbo stay in Laketown?

5. What does Bilbo manage to steal from Smaug in Chapter 12?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reconciles the forces of the men and elves, and the dwarves in Chapter 17?

2. What details are given in Chapter 11 as hints to an alert reader that the one chance of finding the keyhole is about to present itself?

3. Why does Thorin refuse to share the treasure with Bard and his allies and treat them with hostility?

4. Why does the dwarves' imprisonment turn out to be a lucky accident?

5. What are the five armies involved in the Battle of the Five Armies?

6. Describe what the Master of Laketown is like in your own words.

7. What is the dwarves' original plan or strategy?

8. What is the cause of most of the casualties resulting from Smaug's attack on Esgaroth (Laketown)?

9. How is the treasure divided after the battle is won in Chapter 17?

10. What dreams or legends do the Lakemen have regarding the King Under the Mountain and Smaug?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the action of The Hobbit, Bilbo changes from being a soft and timid hobbit to being a character of wisdom and courage. Several key events and incidents go towards changing and developing him. Identify at least three of these "turning points" and explore each one. For each "turning point," explain what the turning point was and how it changed Bilbo in some way, or how it marked a milestone in Bilbo's development.

Essay Topic 2

Conflicts and obstacles are very important in creating plot and plot tension. What are some of the important conflicts and obstacles in The Hobbit and how are these conflicts or obstacles resolved and overcome? Do any conflicts remain unresolved, and if so, how?

Essay Topic 3

To what extent is one of the following themes significant, and what is said about each one in The Hobbit? Choose ONE of the following:

1. Home and "belonging"

2. Courage

3. The attributes that make a hero

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