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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the elvenking's butler?
(a) Dorwinion.
(b) Legolas.
(c) Galion.
(d) Thranduil.

2. What game or sport was accidentally invented by Bilbo's ancestor Bullroarer Took?
(a) Polo.
(b) Golf.
(c) Snooker.
(d) Football.

3. What does Bilbo find to eat as they walk through the woods in Chapter 6?
(a) Sorrel and wild strawberries.
(b) Mushrooms and crab-apples.
(c) Hawthorn berries and blackberries.
(d) Blackberries and strawberries.

4. Where were Glamdring and Orcrist originally forged?
(a) In Rivendell itself.
(b) In Thror's kingdom that was destroyed by the dragon.
(c) In the ancient elvish kingdom of Gondolin.
(d) In the Mines of Moria.

5. What type of enchantments is Gandalf especially good at?
(a) Fire and lights.
(b) Prophecy and pathfinding.
(c) Calling down lightning and thunder.
(d) Illusions and turning his enemies to stone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is supposed to ride in the boat with Bombur?

2. Who is carrying Bilbo when the goblins find them for the second time?

3. What phase of the moon is showing when Elrond studies the map?

4. What does Bilbo's handwriting look like?

5. What animals set up the dinner table and light the lamps in Beorn's hall?

Short Essay Questions

1. Retell the events of Chapter 6 in your own words from the point of view of the Lord of the Eagles.

2. Explain in your own words the history behind the the dwarves' quest for the dragon's treasure. Use details from the dwarves' song and Thorin's story in your answer.

3. Summarize in your own words how the trade between the Wood Elves and the men of Laketown operates.

4. How does Gandalf manage to save the dwarves from being eaten by the trolls?

5. Why does Gandalf instruct the dwarves to arrive two by two at five-minute intervals?

6. Why are the wargs (wolves) in the woods that night in Chapter 6?

7. How do the dwarves and Bilbo manage to escape from the goblins?

8. What strategy does Bilbo use to try to win the riddle contest (not including his final "What have I got in my pocket?" question)?

9. Describe Elrond, the master or ruler of Rivendell in your own words.

10. Why do the Wood Elves imprison the dwarves?

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