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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the hill close to where the dwarves and Bilbo make their first camp approaching the Lonely Mountain?
(a) Dale.
(b) Ravensdown.
(c) Ravenhill.
(d) Dragonmount.

2. What cooking method do the trolls decide on first of all before Gandalf stirs up the argument again?
(a) Mincing them and making them into pies.
(b) Sitting on them and squashing them.
(c) Mincing them and boiling them.
(d) Roasting the dwarves slowly.

3. How does the Elvenking react to the sight of the Arkenstone?
(a) He is unimpressed by it.
(b) He is amazed by its beauty and questions Bilbo's right to give it to him.
(c) He is consumed by lust for the gem and is willing to renounce the rest of the treasure if he can have the Arkenstone.
(d) He rejects Bilbo's offer as treacherous and ignoble, preferring instead to fight fairly for a share of the treasure.

4. How does Beorn react to the dwarves' talk of gold, silver and jewels?
(a) He is intrigued and starts becoming greedy for a share of the treasure.
(b) He is angry and perplexed at their greed.
(c) He ignores them, as he has no interest in treasures.
(d) He is amazed at the skill the dwarves talk about.

5. What unexpected news does Bilbo give the elves and Lakemen?
(a) Dain from the Iron Hills is coming to Thorin's aid.
(b) The goblins are on their way to take the treasure.
(c) Thorin is weakening and is prepared to share.
(d) Smaug had a mate who is still alive inside the mountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does not happen when one of the adventurers steps into the ring of lights surrounding the elves' feast?

2. What makes Bilbo drop his torch after finding the Arkenstone?

3. What type of bird brings Bilbo and the dwarves the news of the dragon's death?

4. What does Bilbo not tell the dwarves about his adventures inside the tunnels?

5. How high is the doorway that leads into the secret tunnel in Chapter 11?

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