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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which dwarf puts up the most fight when the trolls try to capture him?
(a) Bombur.
(b) Gloin.
(c) Thorin.
(d) Balin.

2. What does Bilbo find to eat as they walk through the woods in Chapter 6?
(a) Mushrooms and crab-apples.
(b) Hawthorn berries and blackberries.
(c) Sorrel and wild strawberries.
(d) Blackberries and strawberries.

3. What will happen if Bilbo loses the riddle contest?
(a) He will have to give the ring back to Gollum.
(b) Bilbo will become Gollum's slave.
(c) Gollum will eat him.
(d) Gollum will hand him over to the goblins in return for food.

4. What day of the week was it when the adventurers were captured?
(a) Monday morning (or Sunday night).
(b) Thursday evening (or Thursday morning).
(c) Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning).
(d) Monday night (or Tuesday morning).

5. What is the other name for Rivendell?
(a) The Hidden Valley.
(b) The Last Homely House.
(c) The Valley of the Elves.
(d) The Edge of the Wild.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who found the cave in Chapter 4?

2. Why is the magic ring unable to protect the wearer from the wargs?

3. What does Bilbo's handwriting look like?

4. What is obviously magical about Gandalf's sword Glamdring (Foe-hammer)?

5. What sort of tree does Gandalf take refuge from the wargs in?

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