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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who found the cave in Chapter 4?
(a) Gandalf and Bilbo.
(b) Bifur, Bofur and Bombur.
(c) Balin and Dwalin.
(d) Fili and Kili.

2. What does Bilbo think the eagles will do to him at first?
(a) He thinks they will give him back to the goblins.
(b) He is afraid they will drop him over the edge of their eyrie.
(c) He hopes that they will give him a meal.
(d) He thinks they plan to eat him.

3. Who is carrying Bilbo when the goblins find them for the second time?
(a) Bifur.
(b) Bombur.
(c) Dori.
(d) Gloin.

4. Who does Bilbo see first after escaping Gollum and the dark tunnels?
(a) Bombur.
(b) Balin.
(c) Gandalf.
(d) Gollum.

5. Whose hood and cloak does Bilbo borrow?
(a) Thorin's.
(b) Gloin's.
(c) Dwalin's.
(d) Gandalf's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bilbo try to steal from the trolls?

2. On what day does Elrond read the runes on the swords and on the map?

3. What does Bilbo not tell the dwarves about his adventures inside the tunnels?

4. Who carries Bilbo at first as they try to escape from the mines after Gandalf kills the Great Goblin?

5. What sort of tree does Gandalf take refuge from the wargs in?

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