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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the other name for Rivendell?
(a) The Last Homely House.
(b) The Hidden Valley.
(c) The Valley of the Elves.
(d) The Edge of the Wild.

2. Which of the following is not a name for the trolls?
(a) Bert.
(b) Tom.
(c) Sam.
(d) William.

3. Who found the cave in Chapter 4?
(a) Gandalf and Bilbo.
(b) Balin and Dwalin.
(c) Bifur, Bofur and Bombur.
(d) Fili and Kili.

4. What does Elrond dislike about dwarves?
(a) Their love of gold.
(b) Their cruelty and wickedness towards dragons.
(c) Their singing.
(d) Their long beards.

5. Which troll catches Bilbo in Chapter 2?
(a) Tom.
(b) Bert.
(c) All three of them.
(d) William.

Short Answer Questions

1. What day of the week was it when the adventurers were captured?

2. Where were Glamdring and Orcrist originally forged?

3. What type of enchantments is Gandalf especially good at?

4. Which of the following is not a hazard that needs to be avoided in the path leading to Rivendell?

5. What does Bilbo's handwriting look like?

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