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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual or rare about Elrond's ancestry?
(a) He is half human and half goblin.
(b) He is half human and half hobbit.
(c) He is half elf and half goblin.
(d) He is half elf and half human.

2. What does Bilbo take from the trolls' hoard of loot?
(a) A knife big enough to serve him as a short sword.
(b) A pot full of gold coins.
(c) A large, clumsy key.
(d) A long beautiful sword in a jewelled scabbard.

3. What cooking method do the trolls decide on first of all before Gandalf stirs up the argument again?
(a) Mincing them and boiling them.
(b) Sitting on them and squashing them.
(c) Roasting the dwarves slowly.
(d) Mincing them and making them into pies.

4. What foodstuffs do the adventurers take from the troll's cave for breakfast?
(a) Ale, bread, cheese and bacon.
(b) Cheese, eggs, sausages, and tomatoes.
(c) Bacon, beer, rabbit pie, and apples.
(d) Mutton bones, mince pies and sausages.

5. Why is the magic ring unable to protect the wearer from the wargs?
(a) Wargs can still see the wearer's shadow, even by moonlight.
(b) Wargs can find the wearer by their sense of smell.
(c) Wargs have especially keen hearing.
(d) Wargs are magical, and the ring does not work on them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bilbo think the eagles will do to him at first?

2. Where were Glamdring and Orcrist originally forged?

3. What weather forces the adventurers to seek shelter in a cave in Chapter 4?

4. What do the goblins use to beat time while they sing?

5. What is the goblin name for Thorin's sword?

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