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Helen G. Scott
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is said to be one of the most notable innovations of Hitchcock's films?
(a) Lighting.
(b) Use of color.
(c) Sound effects.
(d) Camera angles.

2. What did Truffaut suggest the portrayal of police in Hitchcock's films, such as"Shadow of a Doubt" was influenced by?
(a) The anti-establishment sentiment of the 1940s.
(b) Hitchcock's issues with authority figures.
(c) Bad writing.
(d) Hitchcock's fear of the police.

3. Who had contracted Hitchcock to make a film in America?
(a) Louis Mayer.
(b) David O. Selznik.
(c) Sam Spiegel.
(d) Irving Thalberg.

4. How did Hitchcock describe his father?
(a) As a cruel man.
(b) As a patient man.
(c) As an intelligent man.
(d) As a nervous man.

5. What topic in regards to Hitchcock's life had not really been written about before this book?
(a) Hitchcock's film preferences.
(b) Hitchcock's childhood.
(c) Hitchcock's personal life.
(d) Hitchcock's filmmaking secrets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the title of Hitchcock's first official film?

2. On what date was Hitchcock born?

3. What did the audience resent about Hitchcock's use of the young boy in his film, "The Woman Alone"?

4. What is the Shuftan Process?

5. Which historical figure was the focus of Hitchcock's first official film?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Hitchcock do when he learned Paramount Famous Players-Lasky was planning to open a film studio in London?

2. Describe the troubles Hitchcock had while filming his directorial debut.

3. In a short story, how did Hitchcock himself explain the term "MacGuffin"?

4. Why did Hitchcock go to America in 1937?

5. What incident did Hitchcock recall as a young child, which inspired his life-long fear of police?

6. After working in the title department at Paramount Famous Players-Lasky, what skill did Hitchcock begin to practice?

7. What old trick used by cameramen to hide the aging looks of actresses did Hitchcock explain?

8. Why did Hitchcock insist that his cameos in his films appear in the first five minutes?

9. What did Hitchcock believe was his first step into the world of film?

10. Describe Hitchcock's tenure at the Henley Telegraph Company.

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