HITCHCOCK Fun Activities

Helen G. Scott
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Board Game

Create a board game which uses Hitchcock's films and career as its theme.

Advice Column

Have students create a "Dear Abby" type letter in the voice of Hitchcock asking for advice concerning any aspect of her/his life, at any point in her/his life. Once every student has come up with a question, distribute the questions randomly among the students and have them write responses in an advice column style.

Film Modernization

Explain how you would change one of Hitchcock's films to set it in the present day. Create a list of any changes you would make (big and small) as far as plot points, technology which appears in the film, locations, fashions etc. that would be familiar to a modern audience.

Work of Art

Create an artistic work in any medium depicting an interesting event, location or personality mentioned in "HITCHCOCK".

Creative Writing


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