HITCHCOCK Character Descriptions

Helen G. Scott
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Alfred Hitchcock

This person was a British film director, producer, and screenplay writer.

Francois Truffaut

This person was a director, noted film critic, and author.

Raymond Chandler

This person was a mystery writer who collaborated with Hitchcock on "Strangers on a Train".

Michael Balcon

This person offered Hitchcock the opportunity to shoot his first film.

Ben Hecht

This person wrote the scripts for "Spellbound" and "Notorious".

Alma Reville

This person was Hitchcock's script assistant.

Tippi Hedren

This person appeared in "The Birds".

James Stewart

This person appeared in "Vertigo".

Grace Kelly

This person appeared in "Rear Window".

Janet Leigh

This person appeared in Hitchcock's most famous murder scene.

Anthony Perkins

This person portrayed the homicidal and delusional main character of one of Hitchcock's films.

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