HITCHCOCK Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Helen G. Scott
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Chapters 1-3

• Hitchcock was born in London, England in 1899.

• Hitchcock recalled his father having him put in a police holding cell as a punishment as a child.

• Hitchcock described himself as a loner as a child.

• Hitchcock, a Catholic, attended Jesuit school as a child.

• Hitchcock wanted to be an engineer, and attended a specialized school, The School of Engineering and Navigation.

• After leaving school, Hitchcock worked at the Henley Telegraph Company as a specialist with electric cables - he was later transferred to the advertising department, where he drew advertisements.

• Hitchcock learned Paramount Famous Players-Lasky was planning to open a film studio in London and submitted illustrations that might be used for their first film's title cards.

• Hitchcock was promoted to head of the title department at Paramount Famous Players-Lasky.

• Hitchcock met American writers and learned how to write scripts.

• Hitchcock wrote his first script adaptation for...

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