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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the first army doctor who sees Miss Sasaki say?
(a) Her leg has to be amputated.
(b) Her body is poisoned by gas gangrene.
(c) She is going to die.
(d) Her leg needs a simple surgery.

2. When Father Kleinsorge arrives to the hospital, what condition is he in?
(a) He has a terrible rash all over.
(b) He is bleeding profusely.
(c) He is unconscious.
(d) He is terribly pale and very shaky.

3. What concern is there about giving Father Kliensorge a blood transfusion?
(a) Atomic bomb patients become sick during blood transfusions.
(b) Atomic bomb patients may not stop bleeding once needles are stuck in them.
(c) There isn't the proper equipment for blood transfusions for atomic bomb patients.
(d) He may receive badly poisoned blood from an atomic bomb survivor.

4. What is the condition of one of the wounded people lying beside Miss Sasaki?
(a) A woman has lost her breast.
(b) A man has lost his arm.
(c) A soldier's eye sockets are hollow from the burns.
(d) An old woman is nearly dead.

5. What does Mr. Tanimoto have to keep consciously repeating to himself in order to get all the people across the river?
(a) ""What if I was in their place?"
(b) "It's a great sin to leave them behind."
(c) "God will reward me."
(d) "They are human beings."

Short Answer Questions

1. In the afternoon of the third day after the bombing, what does Dr. Sasaki become obsessed with?

2. The symptoms people came down with is a disease later to be known as...

3. What does Mrs. Nakamura do once she receives money from the bank for her husband's bond?

4. What rumor is spread as a result of people feeling sick nearly a month after the atomic bomb?

5. In Chapter 3, when Mr. Tanimoto reaches down to the river and takes a woman by the hand, what sickens him so much that he has to sit down?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Miss Sasaki spend the first night of the bombing?

2. How do the Nakamura children spend the night at Asano Park the day of the bombing?

3. What are the views of the people of Hiroshima about the ethics of using the bomb?

4. What does Miss Sasaki think about while at the hospital and why?

5. Who does Mr. Tanimoto keep trying to avoid at the park?

6. How do the Japanese react to their Emperor's radio broadcast?

7. Describe Mr. Tanaka.

8. What does Mr. Tanimoto see when he goes to find a doctor at an aid station?

9. What are the Japanese physicists' concern about the bomb and what do they do about it?

10. What happens to Father Kleinsorge's physical condition a few weeks after the bombing?

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