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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is the second bomb dropped on Nagasaki?
(a) October 9th.
(b) September 4th.
(c) August 9th.
(d) November 11th.

2. What does a shortwave rebroadcast announcement by the President of the United States do?
(a) It warns of another bomb expected to hit Japan.
(b) It expresses sympathy for the citizens who were killed and wounded.
(c) It identifies the new bomb as atomic.
(d) It identifies the number of people the bomb killed.

3. What does Mr. Tanimoto do after the people at the park are promised to receive help?
(a) He falls asleep, exhausted.
(b) He resumes ferrying the wounded across the river.
(c) He tries to keep everyone in the park calm and collective.
(d) He helps settle people in for the night.

4. What rumor is spread as a result of people feeling sick nearly a month after the atomic bomb?
(a) The atomic bomb had deposited some sort of poison on Hiroshima that will give off deadly emanations for 7 years.
(b) The atomic bomb gave off poison that will eat away at the victims' bodies for the next 7 years.
(c) Anyone who was poisoned by the atomic bomb will live a miximum of 7 years.
(d) The poison deposited by the atomic bomb is contagious.

5. What does Dr. Fujii do the night after the explosion?
(a) He lies on the floor in his family's roofless house.
(b) He lies on the ground at Asano Park, unable to help the wounded.
(c) He helps the wounded at the Red Cross Hospital.
(d) He helps the wounded at Asano Park.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Nakamura do once she receives money from the bank for her husband's bond?

2. Where is Father Kleinsorge a year after the bomb?

3. What do Japanese scientists announce after having investigated Hiroshima?

4. What does Dr. Fujii end up doing with regards to his work?

5. Why is it several days before the survivors of Hiroshima know about the bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Father Kleinsorge's physical condition a few weeks after the bombing?

2. After he feels better, why is Father Kleinsorge able to enjoy himself at the hospital in Tokyo?

3. How does President Truman describe the atomic bomb during his radio announcement?

4. What does Mr. Tanimoto see when he goes to find a doctor at an aid station?

5. What are the views of the people of Hiroshima about the ethics of using the bomb?

6. What is Dr. Fujii doing a month after the bombing?

7. What does Miss Sasaki think about while at the hospital and why?

8. How do the Japanese react to their Emperor's radio broadcast?

9. By midsummer, Mrs. Nakamura's savings are gone. How then does she survive?

10. In trying to rescue the 20 or so men and women in the sandpit, what makes Mr. Tanimoto sick?

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