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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In general, the survivors of Hiroshima...
(a) They were too shocked to help anyone but themselves.
(b) They only assisted the women, children and elders.
(c) They tried to help everyone around them.
(d) They assisted only their relatives or immediate neighbors.

2. What is Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge doing when the bomb falls?
(a) He is writing a letter while lying on a cot.
(b) He is sleeping on a cot.
(c) He is lying on a cot reading a Jesuit magazine.
(d) He is praying while lying on a cot.

3. Where does Dr. Sasaki work?
(a) The Red Cross Hospital.
(b) The Hiroshima University hospital.
(c) Hiroshima Hospital.
(d) A private clinic.

4. For more than a month, Dr. Sasaki works...
(a) With a badly injured leg.
(b) Wearing someone else's glasses.
(c) Without having any glasses.
(d) With a badly injured arm.

5. What do the Japanese call the B-29?
(a) Mr. Bomb.
(b) Mr. 29.
(c) Mr. B.
(d) Mr. B-29.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the bombing, what happens to Dr. Fujii's hospital?

2. What is a Molotov flower basket?

3. What is one of the reasons that people pour into Asano Park?

4. What are the huge drops of water falling from the sky?

5. At Asano Park, how do the wounded die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dr. Terufumi Sasaki.

2. Prior to the bombing, why do the police question Mr. Tanimoto several times?

3. What is the manner in which Miss Sasaki is rescued?

4. The day of the bombing, what is Mr. Tanimoto's morning like?

5. What is the weather at Asano Park like?

6. How does Mrs. Nakamura and her children spend the night prior to the bombing?

7. What is the atmosphere like at Asano Park?

8. What may have saved Dr. Sasaki's life the morning of the bomb?

9. What are some of the reasons people pour into Asano Park?

10. After the bomb hits, what does Mr. Tanimoto see from the mound in the garden?

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