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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 3, what happens in Hiroshima that causes more devastation?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) A flood.
(c) Another air raid.
(d) A great fire.

2. What does Mr. Tanimoto do after the people at the park are promised to receive help?
(a) He falls asleep, exhausted.
(b) He resumes ferrying the wounded across the river.
(c) He tries to keep everyone in the park calm and collective.
(d) He helps settle people in for the night.

3. In Chapter 2, the author writes that most people in Hiroshima were too busy or too weary or too badly hurt to do what?
(a) To care that they were the objects of the first great experiment in the use of atomic power.
(b) To know whether or not they would receive any aid.
(c) To care that the U.S. president and their own government officials were making radio announcements.
(d) To care when they heard that another big city had been bombed.

4. What does the rumor being spread about the atomic bomb do to Mrs. Nakamura and her children?
(a) The rumor makes them wish they had died the moment the bomb dropped.
(b) The rumor makes them lose all hope of ever regaining their normal lives.
(c) The rumor makes them feel more resigned and passive about the moral issue of the atomic bomb.
(d) The rumor arouses more hatred and resentment of America than they had felt all through the war.

5. As symptoms of radiation disease reveal themselves, it becomes clear that many of them resemble the effects of...
(a) An overdose of electromagnetic spectrum.
(b) An overdose of electromagnetic radiation.
(c) An overdose of x-rays.
(d) An overdose of gamma rays.

6. What ends up happening to Father Kleinsorge's wounds a few weeks after the bombing?
(a) They are healed with proper medication.
(b) They are healed with no medication whatsoever.
(c) They become infected and require surgery.
(d) They open wider and are swollen and inflamed.

7. What does Mr. Tanimoto have to keep consciously repeating to himself in order to get all the people across the river?
(a) "It's a great sin to leave them behind."
(b) "God will reward me."
(c) "They are human beings."
(d) ""What if I was in their place?"

8. Where is Father Kleinsorge a year after the bomb?
(a) He has completely rebuilt his church.
(b) He is back in the hospital.
(c) He is back in Germany.
(d) He has traveled to America.

9. Where does Mrs. Nakamura and her children go to after leaving the park?
(a) They live at the shelter for a while.
(b) They have Father Kleinsorge find them a small room.
(c) They move in with Mrs. Nakamura's sister-in-law.
(d) They move in with Mrs. Nakamura's family.

10. What rumor is spread as a result of people feeling sick nearly a month after the atomic bomb?
(a) Anyone who was poisoned by the atomic bomb will live a miximum of 7 years.
(b) The atomic bomb had deposited some sort of poison on Hiroshima that will give off deadly emanations for 7 years.
(c) The atomic bomb gave off poison that will eat away at the victims' bodies for the next 7 years.
(d) The poison deposited by the atomic bomb is contagious.

11. Why is it several days before the survivors of Hiroshima know about the bomb dropped on Hiroshima?
(a) The Japanese government wants to first better understand what is going on.
(b) Japanese newspapers and radio are extremely cautious on the subject of the weapon.
(c) The Emperor requests that it be so.
(d) Japanese newspapers and radio fear the country will experience an uncontrollable hysteria if they hear of the bomb.

12. After the bombing, what two feeling predominate the citizens of Hiroshima for the Americans?
(a) Wonderment and disgust.
(b) Indifference and hatred.
(c) Compassion and frustration.
(d) Jealousy and resentment.

13. What does the first army doctor who sees Miss Sasaki say?
(a) She is going to die.
(b) Her leg needs a simple surgery.
(c) Her leg has to be amputated.
(d) Her body is poisoned by gas gangrene.

14. What is the condition of one of the wounded people lying beside Miss Sasaki?
(a) An old woman is nearly dead.
(b) A man has lost his arm.
(c) A woman has lost her breast.
(d) A soldier's eye sockets are hollow from the burns.

15. What does the news that was heard on the radio August 15 convey?
(a) Japan still has a chance to win the war.
(b) The war is over.
(c) The war will continue.
(d) The war has just begun.

Short Answer Questions

1. By February 1946, what condition is Miss Sasaki in when Father Kleinsorge visits her?

2. On August 15, who publicly speaks for the first time in Japanese history over the radio?

3. What in particular causes Miss Sasaki unease as she looks at the ruins of Hiroshima?

4. The symptoms people came down with is a disease later to be known as...

5. What happens to Mrs. Nakamura a few weeks after the bombing?

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