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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dr. Sasaki work?
(a) A private clinic.
(b) The Red Cross Hospital.
(c) The Hiroshima University hospital.
(d) Hiroshima Hospital.

2. How many people in Hiroshima are killed by the atomic bomb?
(a) Three hundred thousand.
(b) A hundred thousand.
(c) Two hundred and fifty thousand.
(d) Two hundred thousand.

3. Once Mrs. Nakamura takes her children out into the street, what does she worry about?
(a) Her children being tired.
(b) Her children being sick.
(c) Her children being cold.
(d) Her children being hot.

4. Mrs. Nakamura dresses her children in everything except for...
(a) An overcoat.
(b) Shoes.
(c) Gloves.
(d) Air-raid helmets.

5. Who does the prefecture order to help clear the fire lanes?
(a) The female students from colleges and universities.
(b) The male students from colleges and universities.
(c) The boys from secondary schools.
(d) The girls from secondary schools.

6. What is Miss Toshinki Sasaki's profession?
(a) She is a bookkeeper.
(b) She is a nurse.
(c) She is a librarian.
(d) She is a clerk.

7. Prior to the bombing, what happens to Hiroshima's population?
(a) It suffers poverty due to the war.
(b) It is increased to help clear the fire lanes.
(c) It becomes absent of many professionals who flee the city.
(d) It is reduced due to several evacuation programs.

8. Why is Mrs. Nakamura's neighbor tearing down his house before the bombing?
(a) It lies in a dangerous spot.
(b) He wants to build a new home.
(c) It lies in the path of an air-raid-defense fire lane.
(d) He wants to build a small shelter instead.

9. How many patients does Dr. Fujii have prior to the bombing?
(a) 2.
(b) 7.
(c) 15.
(d) 26.

10. Why does Miss Toshiko Sasaki wake up at three A.M. the morning the bomb is dropped?
(a) She had a nightmare.
(b) There is extra housework to do.
(c) She hears the warning sirens.
(d) She has a long commute to work.

11. With whom is Miss Sasaki laid on a large sheet under the rain?
(a) She is laid with three children.
(b) She is laid with four other wounded, two men and two women.
(c) She is laid with one other person.
(d) She is laid with two other wounded people, a man and a woman.

12. How does Mr. Tarimoto react when he sees his wife?
(a) He weeps and expresses how worried he'd been about them.
(b) He embraces her and their baby.
(c) He is horrified by the sight of her wounds.
(d) He says, "Oh, you are safe."

13. What is Mr. Hatsuyo Nakamura doing when the bomb drops?
(a) She is watching a neighbor from her kitchen window.
(b) She is watching her five year old from the bedroom window.
(c) She is cooking a meal for her children in the kitchen.
(d) She is fixing up her childrens' bedroom.

14. What does Mr. Tanimoto take from the five dead men in the river?
(a) He takes their wallets.
(b) He takes their glasses.
(c) He takes their boat.
(d) He takes their food.

15. What do Mr. Tanimoto and Father Kleinsorge eat from the garden on the way to the shelter?
(a) A roasted pumpkin.
(b) Roasted potatoes.
(c) Roasted peanuts.
(d) A roasted corn on the cob.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the people attribute their sickness of nausea and vomiting to?

2. Where is the Reverend Mr. Tanimoto's wife and baby when the bomb falls?

3. Almost no one in Hiroshima recalls...

4. When abnormally large drops of rain fall on the people at Asano Park, what does someone shout?

5. What is the Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto doing when the bomb drops?

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