Hiroshima Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Reverend Mr. Tanimoto.

He is a small man who is quick to talk, laugh and cry. He has a strange, old-young look and he moves nervously and fast, but he does so in a way that suggests he's cautious and thoughtful.

2. Prior to the bombing, why do the police question Mr. Tanimoto several times?

Mr. Tanimoto studied in Atlanta, Georgia and corresponds with many American friends. Since he speaks perfect English and dresses in American clothes, some people assume he is a spy.

3. The day of the bombing, what is Mr. Tanimoto's morning like?

He gets up at five o'clock and makes his own breakfast. He is very tired from moving a piano the day before, the weeks of worry, and the work associated with the parish.

4. Describe Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura.

She has the habit of doing as she is told. She also feels some self pity. A widow, she has three children whom she manages to support, though poorly.

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