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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Aftermath.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom is Miss Sasaki laid on a large sheet under the rain?
(a) She is laid with one other person.
(b) She is laid with three children.
(c) She is laid with two other wounded people, a man and a woman.
(d) She is laid with four other wounded, two men and two women.

2. In trying to rebuild the city, what is the Planning Conference in Hiroshima at a loss to?
(a) They don't know what importance could Hiroshima now have.
(b) They don't know how they would rebuild the city.
(c) They worry about the costs involved to rebuild the city.
(d) They don't know hwo to get people to move back into the city.

3. In a television interview, Mr. Tanimoto is shocked by the appearance of...
(a) The copilot of the Enola Gay on the Hiroshima mission.
(b) An old friend who he thought has been killed in the bomb.
(c) Douglas MacArthur.
(d) Harry Truman.

4. What is Dr. Terufumi Sasaki doing when the bomb drops?
(a) He is walking along a hospital corridor with a blood specimen for a Wasserman test.
(b) He is collecting blood specimen for a Wasserman test.
(c) He is examining a blood specimen for a Wasserman test.
(d) He is drawing a blood test from a patient for a Wasserman test.

5. After the bombing, what happens to Dr. Fujii's hospital?
(a) It remains in the bank of the Kyo Rover.
(b) It is burned down by fire.
(c) It remains standing.
(d) It goes into the river.

Short Answer Questions

1. By February 1946, what condition is Miss Sasaki in when Father Kleinsorge visits her?

2. What happens when Mr. Tanimoto finds his wife after the bombing?

3. What ends up happening to Father Kleinsorge's wounds a few weeks after the bombing?

4. What it something Dr. Fujii feel despite the misery all around him?

5. What happens to the climate in Asano Park?

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