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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Aftermath.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Mrs. Nakamura a few weeks after the bombing?
(a) She becomes blind.
(b) She becomes deaf.
(c) She experiences fainting spells.
(d) She becomes bald.

2. What does Dr. Terufumi Sasaki do without a permit?
(a) He charges his patients.
(b) He treats patients with illnesses he is not an expert in.
(c) He sells medicine.
(d) He visits a few sick people.

3. For more than a month, Dr. Sasaki works...
(a) With a badly injured arm.
(b) With a badly injured leg.
(c) Wearing someone else's glasses.
(d) Without having any glasses.

4. What does Dr. Sasaki decide to do in 1951?
(a) He decides to remain working at the Red Cross Hospital.
(b) He decides to work with his brother who is also a doctor.
(c) He decides to quit working at the Red Cross Hospital.
(d) He decides he will work at Hiroshima Hospital.

5. What does Mr. Fukai, the Secretary of the diocese, keep saying while he's being rescued?
(a) "Leave me here to die."
(b) "I must find my family."
(c) "I must save this building."
(d) "I don't want to die."

Short Answer Questions

1. At Asano Park, how do the wounded die?

2. How does Mr. Tarimoto react when he sees his wife?

3. How does President Truman respond to the international petition in support of the United World Federalists?

4. Mrs. Nakamura dresses her children in everything except for...

5. What texts does Father Kleinsorge believe are the two texts that never tell lies?

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