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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Noiseless Flash.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do people hear prior to the bomb dropping?
(a) A radio announcement assuring everyone that all is safe.
(b) A plane flying over.
(c) The warning siren.
(d) The all-clear sound.

2. Why does the Jesuit's mission house remain standing after the bombing?
(a) It used to be a shelter.
(b) Its concrete was extroardinarily thick.
(c) No one knows.
(d) It was braced and double braced.

3. Why is Mrs. Nakamura's neighbor tearing down his house before the bombing?
(a) He wants to build a new home.
(b) It lies in the path of an air-raid-defense fire lane.
(c) He wants to build a small shelter instead.
(d) It lies in a dangerous spot.

4. Why does Dr. Fujii have to get up early on the morning the bomb is dropped?
(a) He has to pack his belongings in preparation to go to the shelter.
(b) He has to tend to newcoming patients.
(c) He has to see a houseguest off on a train.
(d) He has to make breakfast for his children.

5. What is Miss Toshinki doing when the bomb drops?
(a) She has just turned her head to chat with the girl at the next desk.
(b) She has just lifted some papers off her desk.
(c) She has just approached her boss to ask for a raise.
(d) She has just grabbed a cup of coffee and is heading towards her desk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Prior to the bombing, what happens to Hiroshima's population?

2. How does Mrs. Nakamura's husband die?

3. What does Mrs. Nakamura do as soon as everything turns white?

4. On what day is the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

5. Who does Dr. Terufimi Sasaki live with?

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