Objects & Places from Hiroshima

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B-san or Mr. B

The colloquial name given to the United States B-29 bomber, which has superior range.


A nationally sponsored, but locally organized, neighborhood association concerned with organizing air-raid defenses.

Molotoffano hanakago

Also known as a Molotov flower basket or bread basket, this is the Japanese name for a type of self-scattering, cluster bomb.

Genshi bakudan or

The colloquial name used in Hiroshima for the atomic bomb.


The term referring to the surviving victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and, later, Nagasaki. The word translates as "explosion-affected people."

The Flash

Most survivors describe it as pure white and incredibly concentrated.

The Blast

The second component of the atomic detonation. It causes the destruction of nearly every structure in Hiroshima within a few kilometers of the hypo-center.

The Fire

This was not caused by the atomic detonation directly, but is the result of buildings collapsing...

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