Hiroshima Fun Activities

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Watch a film

Watch a film about the Manhattan Project or Hiroshima and write what new information you discovered from it and how the film influenced you.

Find a news article

Bring in an opinionated article that was published shortly after the atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima.

Write a poem

Write a poem as if you are Mrs. Nakamura writing about her deceased husband or Miss Sasaki writing about the break-up of her engagement.

Pictures of Keloid scars.

Bring in pictures of people who had Keloid scars after the bombing.

One-day diary entry

Write a diary entry of Marvin Green for the day he meets Mr. Tanimoto.

Scene from a script

Write a scene of the day when Miss Sasaki is visited for the first time by her fiance.

Write a letter to the president

Representing an anti-war organization, write a letter to President Truman urging him...

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