Hiroshima Character Descriptions

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Toshiko Sasaki

This character's leg is crushed as the result of the bombing. Eventually, this character finds solace in the Christian faith.

Dr. Masakazu Fujii

This character believes in enjoying the pleasures of life and owns a private hospital, which is destroyed by the atomic bomb.

Hatsuyo Nakamura

This character is a single parent of three children and finds it difficult to hold a job.

Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge

This character is German, but loves the Japanese culture to the point of becoming a Japanese citizen.

Dr. Terufumi Sasaki

This character works at Hiroshima's Red Cross Hospital.

Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto

This person is of the Hiroshima Methodist Church and at some point goes to the United States on speaking tours.

Father Superior LaSalle, Father Schiffer, and Father Cieslik

This person is the Father Superior of the Society of Jesus.

This person of the Society of Jesus suffers a fairly...

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