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Hannah Hurnard
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What awakened Much-Afraid from her sleep the night after the foiled abduction?
(a) The voices of the Fearlings outside her window.
(b) A nightmare about marrying Craven Fearling.
(c) An agonizing pain.
(d) The Shepherd asking why she never came.

2. How does the Shepherd refer to the journey through the desert?
(a) The furnace of fire.
(b) The ring of fire.
(c) The secret of fire and ice.
(d) The burning coals of sand.

3. Who is Acceptance-with-Joy?
(a) Acceptance-with-Joy is Much-Afraid's new name.
(b) Acceptance-with-Joy is a flower the Shepherd picks for Much-Afraid.
(c) Acceptance-with-Joy is to be Much-Afraid's new companion.
(d) Acceptance-with-Joy is the yellow flower rising out of the desert.

4. Why was Pride chosen for his designated task in the chapter, "Encounters with Pride"?
(a) The Shepherd liked him.
(b) He was quick and would kidnap her.
(c) He was handsome and could woo Much-Afraid.
(d) He was too proud to admit defeat and wouldn't give up.

5. What did the Shepherd say to Much-Afraid as they walked among the flowers?
(a) "You are the most treasured flower of all."
(b) "Humble yourself."
(c) "Smell the sweetness of the lovely flowers."
(d) "Stop and smell the flowers."

6. What does the Shepherd tell Much-Afraid she must learn on her journey?
(a) The alphabet of Love and develop hinds' feet.
(b) How to grow the flowers of Love.
(c) How to leap high and swiftly.
(d) The alphabet of the High Place.

7. Just when she realized how impossible it would be to climb the mountain, what did Suffering point out?
(a) A buck, followed by a doe, climbing up the mountain.
(b) A rabbit climbing up a trail.
(c) A sign showing them the way up.
(d) An eagle flying overhead.

8. Who else did the Shepherd say had come the way of the desert by the pyramids?
(a) Issac and Jacob.
(b) Joseph and Joshua.
(c) Abraham and Moses.
(d) Abraham and Joseph.

9. Even though Much-Afraid was tied between the sisters, what happened to her as they continued their climb up the precipice?
(a) Much-Afraid led the way.
(b) Much-Afraid slid backward down the path.
(c) Much-Afraid fell off the steep side.
(d) Much-Afraid tripped on a jagged rock.

10. What happened when Much-Afraid realized the path was again taking her and her companions toward the mountains?
(a) She clapped her hands, gave a skip of joy, and ran ahead in excitement.
(b) She did a little dance and sang a song of joy.
(c) She grabbed the hands of her companions and spun them all around in a circle.
(d) She sat down and cried with joy.

11. When Pride catches up with Much-Afraid on the Shores of Loneliness, who was with him?
(a) Craven Fear, Lord Fearling, and Mrs. Dismal Foreboding.
(b) Craven Fear, Resentment, and Bitterness.
(c) Bitterness, Self-Pity, and Mistrust.
(d) Resentment, Bitterness, and Self-Pity.

12. Of what was Much-Afraid most frightened after she awoke?
(a) That the Fearlings would be back.
(b) That she was having a heart attack.
(c) That she would never fall back to sleep.
(d) That the Shepherd left without her.

13. What made the Fearlings finally leave Much-Afraid's cottage?
(a) The threat that the Shepherd would be called.
(b) They were tired of picking on her.
(c) The fear they killed Much-Afraid.
(d) The threat they would be arrested.

14. What is The Water Song?
(a) It is the words they heard the water singing, so they made up music to go with it.
(b) It is an ancient song sung for generations in the valley.
(c) It is words set to the sound of the water flowing down the hill.
(d) It is a song everyone sings when they go to the well for water.

15. What did Much-Afraid do when she found the Shepherd at the trysting place?
(a) She raced to his side.
(b) She fell at his feet crying.
(c) She danced with joy.
(d) She gave him a big hug.

Short Answer Questions

1. When being held against her will by her relatives, what did Much-Afraid do to get help?

2. What did Much-Afraid do at the edge of the cliff?

3. What was Much-Afraid thinking about her companions as they walked through the hill country?

4. What does the Shepherd say about bread corn?

5. Although Much-Afraid agrees to go with the two strange women the Shepherd has chosen for her traveling companions, what won't she do?

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