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Hannah Hurnard
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pride catches up with Much-Afraid on the Shores of Loneliness, who was with him?
(a) Craven Fear, Lord Fearling, and Mrs. Dismal Foreboding.
(b) Craven Fear, Resentment, and Bitterness.
(c) Bitterness, Self-Pity, and Mistrust.
(d) Resentment, Bitterness, and Self-Pity.

2. How did the Shepherd leave Much-Afraid and her companions as they started their journey to the High Places?
(a) Leaping from rock to rock up the mountain.
(b) He ascended like a rocket.
(c) Running faster than they could see him along the path ahead of them.
(d) He disappeared.

3. Why didn't Mrs. Valiant admonish Much-Afraid for being frightened?
(a) Because Much-Afraid is one of the fearlings.
(b) Because no one but the Shepherd himself can help her.
(c) Because Much-Afraid can't stand up to her relatives.
(d) All of the answers are correct.

4. What did Much-Afraid do to Self-Pity when he said the word "bruising"?
(a) She yelled at him to go away.
(b) She picked up a small rock and threw it at him.
(c) She kicked him.
(d) She ran away from him, then tripped him when he tried to chase her.

5. What does Much-Afraid find puzzling about The Water Song?
(a) Who wrote the words to The Water Song?
(b) Why the water sings to go lower still, yet she is being called to the Highest Place?
(c) Why she never heard the song before?
(d) How does water sing?

6. What did the Fearling family decide to do about Much-Afraid leaving them?
(a) Join her.
(b) Capture her and put her in prison.
(c) Go and get her and make her their slave.
(d) Make an example of her so no one else would ever leave.

7. How did Much-Afraid feel at the first sight of the majestic mountains?
(a) She fell to her knees and worshiped.
(b) She was filled with joy and thankfulness.
(c) She was in awe of their beauty.
(d) All the answers are correct.

8. Unable to fall back to sleep the night following her visit from the Fearlings, what did Much-Afraid do after she got out of bed?
(a) Went for a walk.
(b) Dressed and left her cottage in search of the Shepherd.
(c) Sat and read for a while.
(d) Had some warm milk.

9. Of what was Much-Afraid most frightened after she awoke?
(a) That she was having a heart attack.
(b) That she would never fall back to sleep.
(c) That the Fearlings would be back.
(d) That the Shepherd left without her.

10. Why didn't Mrs. Valiant stay the night with Much-Afraid?
(a) Mrs. Valiant's children were crying.
(b) Mr. Valiant wanted his wife to come home.
(c) Mrs. Valiant was too busy.
(d) Much-Afraid refused the offer.

11. After seeing what was growing in her heart, Much-Afraid built another altar and laid what upon it?
(a) She gathered sticks and leaves and put them on the altar with nothing else.
(b) She put her bag of stones on the altar.
(c) Her heart with the little golden flower.
(d) She plucked the flower from her heart and laid it on the altar.

12. What did Much-Afraid and her companions find as they drew closer to the mountainside?
(a) There were several paths, but no sign of which one to take.
(b) It was a steep impassable precipice.
(c) They were going to need mountain climbing equipment.
(d) The mountain was the tallest they had ever seen.

13. Where did Much-Afraid and the twin sisters spend the night the first night of their ascent?
(a) In a tent.
(b) In a cave.
(c) On a rock.
(d) They took turns.

14. What did Much-Afraid realize about her climb to the High Places?
(a) She had to ride a donkey to get up the hills.
(b) It was steeper than she anticipated.
(c) She wanted to return home because it was too hard.
(d) It was a bumpy road.

15. Where does Much-Afraid want to go?
(a) To the valley.
(b) To the Shepherd's fields.
(c) To the foot of the mountains.
(d) To the High Places.

Short Answer Questions

1. What appeared above the steep wall of rock?

2. Where did the Chief Shepherd pasture His sheep?

3. What does the Shepherd say about bread corn?

4. What was Much-Afraid thinking about her companions as they walked through the hill country?

5. What did Suffering do to help Much-Afraid after the fall on the precipice?

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