Daily Lessons for Teaching Hinds' Feet on High Places

Hannah Hurnard
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Invitations to the High Places)


Chapter 1, Invitations to the High Places

The objective of this lesson is to have the students define allegory, metaphor, and symbolism, since understanding this story depends on understanding each of these things.


Questions and Discussion Points for Lesson 1:

> What is an allegory?

> How do you understand an allegory?

> What is a metaphor?

> How do metaphors help one understand a concept?

> How does symbolism work in a story?

Equipment and Supplies Needed: White boards.


1. In a large group using a white board, drawing a line down the center, on one side list some commonly used words that symbolize something else. On the other side write the words they symbolize. An example: a heart is symbolic of love. Discuss symbolism as it is used in this novel.

2. Working in pairs, read the opening pages "Preface to the Allegory." Discuss this and define what an allegory and...

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