Hinds' Feet on High Places Fun Activities

Hannah Hurnard
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Slopes and Saves Game

Although this is based on the child's game, this one will follow the novel as closely as possible. The students will draw the various locations the plot followed from the Valley of Humiliation to the High Places. Then the board will be divided into 3/4" to 2" grid-like squares. At the locations where the Fearling clan tried to sway Much-Afraid to return home, a slope should be drawn downward, stopping at a location further away from the goal of reaching the High Places. Everywhere that Much-Afraid called upon the Shepherd for help there will be something drawn upward to a square closer to their destination. At the points in the story where Much-Afraid had doubts or thoughts of giving up, the square will be marked, "Go back three squares," or whatever number of squares the students decide upon. Where Much-Afraid built an alter or collected stones...

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