Hinds' Feet on High Places Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Hannah Hurnard
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Chapter 1, Invitations to the High Places

• The main character, a crippled girl named Much-Afraid, is invited by the Shepherd to go to the High Places where she will receive hinds' feet.

• He also promises she will receive a new name.
• He explains about real love, not the natural need for human love.

• He plants His seed of Love in her heart.

• They make plans to meet at the trysting place, and they will start their trip from there.

Chapter 2, Fearing Invasion

• Much-Afraid's evil family, the Fearlings, know something is going on and plan to stop it.

• Lord Fearling, head of the clan, decides she is to marry Craven Fear.

• The Fearlings visit Much-Afraid and lock her inside her house so she can't go when the Shepherd calls.
• She calls for help from her neighbor Mrs. Valiant, who chases the Fearlings away with the threat of calling the Shepherd...

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