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Anita O'Day
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Chapters 6 through 9 show the reader about Anita's life?
(a) Addiction.
(b) Failure and success.
(c) The roller coaster existence of a musician's life.
(d) Heartbreak.

2. How long did Anita spend with the band she was offered a job with when she was in Hollywood?
(a) 10 weeks.
(b) 4 weeks.
(c) 6 weeks.
(d) 12 weeks.

3. What was Anita diagnosed with?
(a) Anxiety neuroses.
(b) Sleep apnea.
(c) Depression.
(d) Insomnia.

4. Where did Anita and John go first after leaving Club Starlite?
(a) Orlando.
(b) Miami.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Detroit.

5. What was the Village Vanguard?
(a) A nice park.
(b) The oldest club in New York.
(c) The youngest club in New York.
(d) A campground.

6. Who was Vido Musso?
(a) A singer.
(b) A producer.
(c) A manager.
(d) A tenor saxophone player.

7. What was a business that took advantage of drunk conventioneers called?
(a) Dark spots.
(b) Nose dives.
(c) Juke joints.
(d) "Clip joints".

8. How much did Maynard Sloate guarantee Anita she would make at her new job?
(a) $ 750 a week.
(b) $ 650 a week.
(c) $ 1000 every 2 weeks.
(d) $ 550 a week.

9. What did Anita's vocals give the band she worked with in Chapter 7?
(a) Their first million sale recording.
(b) Kisses.
(c) Fame.
(d) A pocket knife.

10. What was foreclosed of Anita and John's?
(a) Their new car.
(b) Their new house.
(c) John's house in Arizona.
(d) Their condo in Miami.

11. What did Norman Granz own?
(a) A cafe.
(b) A record store.
(c) A recording company.
(d) A club.

12. What type of songs did Anita choose to sing?
(a) Sexy ones.
(b) Emotional heavy ones.
(c) One's she could "feel".
(d) Popular ones.

13. Whose band did Anita join in Chapter 7?
(a) Stan Kenton's.
(b) No one's.
(c) Carl's.
(d) Stacey's.

14. What did Anita do after her bail?
(a) Filed for divorce.
(b) Went to her mom's.
(c) Moved to another country.
(d) Went shopping.

15. What was Anita and John's relationship based on?
(a) Heroin.
(b) Another music club.
(c) Sex.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who raided Carl and Anita's home?

2. What did the band Anita played with in Chapter 7 do in their free time?

3. How long did Anita manage a leave of absence for from her tour?

4. What did Anita have to pass to obtain a permit to perform?

5. In Chapter 7, who replaced Anita in the band?

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