High Times, Hard Times Character Descriptions

Anita O'Day
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Anita O'Day

This individual gets her first break at age 16, when a newspaper reporter turned entrepreneur hires her for the opening of his new club in downtown Chicago.

Gladys Colton

Born and raised in Kansas City, this person becomes pregnant while single, a catastrophic event in 1919.

Carl Hoff

This individual is the golf pro at the Biltmore Country Club in Barrington, a wealthy suburb of Chicago.

Don Carter

This individual is the drummer for a jazz band. The person is good-looking but uncommunicative and unsocial, spending spare time writing musical arrangements in the apartment shared with his/her mother.

John Poole

This person does not socialize with other musicians much, probably because he is not a drinker or pot smoker. He does, however, shoot up heroin and is responsible for introducing it to another person in the text.

James Colton

This individual is a responsible worker who then...

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