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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is odd about the checks Stephanie shows Leona?
(a) The date is off by a year on both of them.
(b) The signature is smeared on both of them.
(c) The checks were never stamped with a cancel.
(d) Nothing that Leona can see.

2. Where were the checks Stephanie has canceled?
(a) At a convenience store.
(b) At a pawn shop.
(c) At the local bank.
(d) At the area bank.

3. How does Stephanie decide who to invite?
(a) Thinks of a number between one and ten and picks it herself.
(b) She just decides it's too much hassle and goes to sleep.
(c) Draws a name out of the bowl.
(d) Opens the phone book and the name closest in the alphabet to the page in the phone book is who she calls.

4. Who is Vito Grizolli?
(a) Terry's father.
(b) Stephanie's favorite high school teacher.
(c) Terry's uncle.
(d) Morelli's uncle.

5. Who is Stephanie supposed to take to the airport?
(a) Mary Lou.
(b) Her grandmother.
(c) The Arab teen.
(d) Her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is found murdered?

2. Whose viewing does Grandma Mazur want to attend?

3. Why does Ranger say the car is that color?

4. What does Ranger bring Stephanie the next morning?

5. With whom is Stephanie fighting as Morelli and Ranger arrive?

Short Essay Questions

1. What breakthrough does Stephanie have in the case of her missing uncle on Sunday?

2. What does Shempsky tell Stephanie about his plans?

3. Do you think Ranger is interested in marriage with Stephanie?

4. What does Morelli tell Stephanie to do and what is her response? Why do you think Stephanie refuses to back off?

5. Why does Stephanie leave the wedding reception without Morelli and what does she do?

6. What do Stephanie and Mary Lou do and does this seem like a normal, adult activity?

7. How does Stephanie, along with the reader, finally learn about Shempsky's involvement in the situation Stpehanie (and Morelli) has been investigating?

8. Why does Lipinski kill his wife, Laura and Shempsky kill Fred?

9. What does Ranger suggest Stephanie do about the Porsche he offers her and what do you think should be Stephanie's response?

10. What happens when Stephanie meets Ranger for dinner and what do you think is going on?

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