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Check - Fred was to return to the garbage company with this but disappears before arriving.

Grand Union - This is a grocery store in Trenton.

Briggs Apartment Door - Stephanie tries to force this with a crowbar causing significant damage.

Pictures - Stephanie's aunt gives her these which she found in Uncle Fred's desk.

SWAT Hat - Ranger gives Stephanie this on the first morning they work together.

Candy - After seeing Morelli with another woman, Stephanie eats a large amount of this to soothe her emotions.

Apartment Building - Stephanie works with Ranger and his team in evicting a drug user and dealer from this.

Sexy Dress - Stephanie buys this to wear to Morelli's cousin's wedding.

Buick - Stephanie drives this that she borrowed from her uncle.

Black Porsche - Ranger gives Stephanie this to drive while she is working for him.

Black BMW...

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