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Fred was to return to the garbage company with this but disappears before arriving.

Grand Union

This is a grocery store in Trenton.

Briggs Apartment Door

Stephanie tries to force this with a crowbar causing significant damage.


Stephanie's aunt gives her these which she found in Uncle Fred's desk.


Ranger gives Stephanie this on the first morning they work together.


After seeing Morelli with another woman, Stephanie eats a large amount of this to soothe her emotions.

Apartment Building

Stephanie works with Ranger and his team in evicting a drug user and dealer from this.

Sexy Dress

Stephanie buys this to wear to Morelli's cousin's wedding.


Stephanie drives this that she borrowed from her uncle.

Black Porsche

Ranger gives Stephanie this to drive while she is working for him.

Black BMW

Ranger later gives Stephanie this which is later stolen from Stephanie...

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