Hideaway Character Descriptions

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Hatchford Harrison

The main character and also the embodiment of goodness.

Jeremy Nyebern

This character was resuscitated and becomes the embodiment of evil.

Lindsay Harrison

This character is a painter and rescued someone from a submerged vehicle.

Dr. Jonas Nyebern

The person who managed to bring back to life two other characters after they had died.

Jimmy Harrison

This character died an early death due to cancer.

Bill Cooper

A drunken truck driver, it was this person's fault that the Harrisons' car went off the road.


An orphaned child who embodies innocence.

Dr. Kari Dovell

A character who becomes the love interest of one of the Nyeberns.

Jenny Purcell

The first of Vassago's victims, someone he believed to be promiscuous.

Margaret Ann Campion

This character remained true to her faith throughout torture and agony.

Morton Redlow

A detective hired to find one of the character's sons and...

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