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Chapters 1 and 2

• Hatch Harrison and his wife, Lindsey, are returning from a vacation in which they had attempted to rekindle their relationship following the death of their young son to cancer.

• At the bottom of an icy hill in the snow is a semi truck that is jackknifed at the bottom, and although Hatch tries to stop and avoid the crash, they clip the semi and are careening down an embankment.

• They come to a stop at the bottom of the ravine in a river, where Lindsey is relieved to find that Hatch isn't dead.
• Above them, Bill Cooper, the truck driver radios for help on his CB, and is worried about the accident because he had been drinking since the departure of Myra.

• He feels that he deserves to die for causing the wreck, but that if he doesn't die, he hopes he doesn't lose his job...

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