The Son of Neptune Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Rick Riordan
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Percy: Chs. I - IV (1 - 4)

• Chapters I-IV are told in the third-person and limited omniscient perspective about Percy Jackson and his inner thoughts.

• Percy Jackson, a demigod, is being chased through modern Berkeley, California by three gorgons who are the sisters of Medusa.

• Percy has amnesia and cannot remember anything from his past except for those few things a wolf, Lupa, has told him.

• Percy and the gorgons keep trying to kill each other, but the four of them seem to be indestructible.

• Finally, the gorgons corner Percy on a hilltop, and he tries to tell them that he can't remember killing their sister. The gorgons don't believe him.

• The gorgons claim Percy can't be killed because someone has dunked him in the fabled river Styx.

• Percy escapes by stealing a food tray from one of the gorgons, knocking her out with it, and then using the...

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