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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Luke notices a metal ______________ that might allow him an escape option?
(a) door plate
(b) window frame
(c) computer console
(d) bed frame

2. Karrde tells Luke that Karrde's associate, whom, is the one who alerted Karrde to Luke's presence.
(a) Mona Jade
(b) Mara Jade
(c) Mala Jade
(d) Maya Jade

3. Which of the following people is injured, during the fight?
(a) Aves
(b) Jade
(c) Lando
(d) Karrde

4. Luke goes through the wires and notices that his best option is to use the power supply from what to escape?
(a) his artificial leg
(b) his artificial eyeball
(c) his artificial foot
(d) his artificial hand

5. What does Jade do when she discovers Luke is missing?
(a) tells the crew to be on the lookout
(b) reports the news to Karrde
(c) follows him
(d) nothing

Short Answer Questions

1. Putting two and two together, after hearing a transmission fromt he Falcon, Thrawn deduces that Leia is what?

2. While Luke sleeps, Jade does what, in order to stay awake?

3. After disabling the Noghiri ship, Leia asks to speak to whom?

4. The stormtroopers handcuff and detain both Luke and Mara and escort them to a nearby what?

5. What is the name of Leia's assistant?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Karrde's hands tied in Chapter 24, as far as what to do with Luke?

2. What interesting connection does Han make between Thrawn and Han's wife, Leia, in Chapter 23, and what does it prompt Han and Lando to do?

3. What discovery does Luke make about himself, while trying to escape with Mara, Han and Artoo, and what does it mean for his future?

4. Describe the reason for and the process by which Luke winding up unconscious, in Chapter 18.

5. How is Luke conflicted internally in Chapters 27 and 28 and is his conflict justified?

6. What would happen if Artoo were not in Chapter 26?

7. Was it evil of Talon Karrde to imprison Luke? Why or why not?

8. Why does Karrde hesitate on taking Han and Lando up on their deal, in Chapter 22, and is it a good move on Karrde's part?

9. Artoo helps Luke, in Chapter 21. What escape plan do they put into action and is it a good one?

10. Although Kashyyyk is supposed to be a safe haven for Leia, she doesn't feel at ease there. Describe why Kashyyyk does not feel safe to Leia.

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