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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Luke's initial meeting with Karrde end?
(a) Luke is shown to comfortable quarters.
(b) Karrde is knocked unconscious from behind.
(c) Luke is knocked unconscious from behind.
(d) Jade escorts Luke to a cell.

2. How does Leia exit the wookie house?
(a) She holds onto Chewbacca, who climbs down.
(b) She uses the Force to propel herself.
(c) She holds onto Ralrra, who climbs down.
(d) She climbs down a rope by herself.

3. Leia uses what, to disable the Noghiri ship?
(a) her lightsaber
(b) a small bomb
(c) a blaster
(d) the Force

4. Luke notices a metal ______________ that might allow him an escape option?
(a) bed frame
(b) computer console
(c) door plate
(d) window frame

5. Luke thinks that the ship he encounters is either a smuggler ship, a disguised warship or ____________, but decides to go aboard anyway?
(a) owned by unknown, potentially dangerous, aliens
(b) pirate ship
(c) owned by fugitives from a nearby prison planet
(d) Imperial spy ship

Short Answer Questions

1. Thrawn is confident that the Noghri will make contact with Leia and do what, as they were instructed?

2. Thrawn insists on sending ______________ to aid in a search and rescue mission?

3. While Luke sleeps, Jade does what, in order to stay awake?

4. Putting two and two together, after hearing a transmission fromt he Falcon, Thrawn deduces that Leia is what?

5. What is Luke's condition, after the crash?

Short Essay Questions

1. What would happen if Artoo were not in Chapter 26?

2. Artoo helps Luke, in Chapter 21. What escape plan do they put into action and is it a good one?

3. In Chapter 24, how does Karrde change his story with Han and Lando and what does it indicate about Karrde's personal alliances?

4. Why does Luke choose to accept help from the Wild Karrde, in Chapter 18 and does he trust Talon Karrde? Why or why not?

5. What interesting connection does Han make between Thrawn and Han's wife, Leia, in Chapter 23, and what does it prompt Han and Lando to do?

6. What happens between Luke and Mara when they first crash on the planet's surface and what does it seem to indicate about their inner feelings?

7. What insights are gained into Mara's emotions towards Luke, in Chapter 22, when Mara is thinking about Luke while she is outside and Luke is escaping?

8. How are Karrde's hands tied in Chapter 24, as far as what to do with Luke?

9. How is Karrde trying to play both sides of the fence in Chapters 29 and 30?

10. Even though the ysalimiri creatures block Luke's Jedi senses, in Chapter 21, how does Luke know what is going on and what does he hope to gain from circumstances?

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