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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of creature is on Karrde's ship, affecting Luke's force powers?
(a) ymsalamiri
(b) ycalimari
(c) ysalamiri
(d) yjalimiri

2. While Luke sleeps, Jade does what, in order to stay awake?
(a) practices a Jedi training technique
(b) sings
(c) takes pills
(d) runs laps around their sleeping site

3. In Chapter 20 who uses Threepio to transmit a message to Coruscant in Leia's voice?
(a) Han
(b) Chewbacca
(c) Artoo
(d) Lando

4. Lando realizes that the what needed in order to maneuver the door opener had to come from Luke?
(a) explosive device
(b) lightsaber
(c) screwdriver
(d) power supply

5. As they get closer to the edge of what, Luke and Mara fight off predatory creatures?
(a) a forest
(b) a ravine
(c) a river
(d) an ocean

Short Answer Questions

1. Aves is about to blow the rescue plan by beginning the attack and Lando threatens him with what object?

2. Luke wakes up, after his meeting with Karrde and realizes that what has happened to him?

3. Jade held what position at Jabba the Hutt's Palace, during the brief time that Luke was there?

4. The Noghiri explain that they know who is related to Vader?

5. Luke and Artoo crash in the forest because of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Although Kashyyyk is supposed to be a safe haven for Leia, she doesn't feel at ease there. Describe why Kashyyyk does not feel safe to Leia.

2. Does Chewbacca respect Leia?

3. Based on what is known from Chapter 20 and earlier chapters, is Borsk Fey'lya a threat to the New Republic?

4. How does Mara show her feelings toward Luke, in Chapter 19?

5. Why does Karrde hesitate on taking Han and Lando up on their deal, in Chapter 22, and is it a good move on Karrde's part?

6. Why do the noghiri suddenly claim to change their attitude about Leia, in Chapter 25?

7. How are Karrde's hands tied in Chapter 24, as far as what to do with Luke?

8. How do Paellaeon's observations of and opinions of Thrawn, in Chapters 15 and 16, seem to affect his over all opinion of Thrawn and do you agree with it?

9. How do you feel about Luke's actions, in Chapters 15 and 16, as well as previous chapters? Do they seem like good actions for a Jedi master? Why or why not?

10. What discovery does Luke make about himself, while trying to escape with Mara, Han and Artoo, and what does it mean for his future?

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