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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Aves is about to blow the rescue plan by beginning the attack and Lando threatens him with what object?
(a) a vibroblade
(b) a blaster
(c) a heavy pipe
(d) a lightsaber

2. Luke and Jade are about to leave the forest and debate how to do so without being detected by whom?
(a) Karrde
(b) forest predators
(c) Han
(d) Imperials

3. Leia catches a glimpse of the Noghri hiding where?
(a) behind a box
(b) outside the Falcon
(c) inside the Falcon
(d) among the wookies' dwellings

4. Thrawn is confident that the Noghri will make contact with Leia and do what, as they were instructed?
(a) drug her
(b) kill her
(c) distract her
(d) capture her

5. How does Leia exit the wookie house?
(a) She holds onto Ralrra, who climbs down.
(b) She climbs down a rope by herself.
(c) She uses the Force to propel herself.
(d) She holds onto Chewbacca, who climbs down.

6. Fully awake and unharmed by the creature, Mara aims her blaster at Luke and demands that Luke do what?
(a) disable Artoo
(b) sit down on the ground
(c) put up his hands
(d) drop his lightsaber

7. Han and Lando tell Karrde that they are going to the Falcon to check on some things, but do what instead?
(a) slip off to send a secret message to Leia
(b) get on the Falcon and fly back to Coruscant
(c) go to snoop on Karrde's prisoner
(d) slip off to spy on the Imperials

8. While Luke sleeps, Jade does what, in order to stay awake?
(a) takes pills
(b) runs laps around their sleeping site
(c) practices a Jedi training technique
(d) sings

9. While Han and Lando plan their next course of action, who is nearby, watching their ships interact?
(a) Ackbar
(b) Karrde
(c) Luke
(d) Thrawn

10. Ralrra was enslaved by the Empire before who freed him?
(a) Lando
(b) Alliance
(c) Jedi knights
(d) Admiral Ackbar

11. Karrde realizes what about his time at Myrkr?
(a) It has come to an end.
(b) It was productive.
(c) It was useless.
(d) It has been extended longer.

12. Luke and his X-wing are towed into the cargo hold of the ship. He is then escorted to meet the ship's captain, whose name is what?
(a) Talon Karrde
(b) Kole Karrde
(c) Wild Karrde
(d) Claw Karrde

13. Which of the following people is injured, during the fight?
(a) Karrde
(b) Aves
(c) Jade
(d) Lando

14. Jade held what position at Jabba the Hutt's Palace, during the brief time that Luke was there?
(a) dancer
(b) Jedi assistant to Jabba
(c) chef
(d) band member

15. When Thrawn hails Karrde, he says he needs more what?
(a) mole miners
(b) freighters
(c) money
(d) ysalamiri

Short Answer Questions

1. As the stormtroopers are escorting Luke and Jade, they run into whom, playing the role of a prisoner?

2. Jade obviously hates whom?

3. Mara sends an encrypted code to Karrde, so that he will know what?

4. Luke goes through the wires and notices that his best option is to use the power supply from what to escape?

5. Jade has not slept in how many days, when the next message from Karrde comes?

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