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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lando realizes that the what needed in order to maneuver the door opener had to come from Luke?
(a) screwdriver
(b) power supply
(c) explosive device
(d) lightsaber

2. Karrde says that he did not really want to do what with Luke?
(a) kill him
(b) turn him over to the Imperials
(c) keep him locked up
(d) set him free

3. When Jade is attacked by a creature, after stopping for the night, Luke tries to scare it off with what result?
(a) The creature does run away
(b) The creature switches to attacking Luke
(c) The creature keeps attacking Jade.
(d) The creature drops dead for no apparent reason.

4. The Noghiri explain that they know who is related to Vader?
(a) Luke
(b) Chewbacca
(c) Leia
(d) Han

5. To Karrde's dismay, Thrawn comments on what?
(a) Leia and the noghiri after her
(b) wanting Karrde to kill Luke
(c) the crash that just occured in the forest
(d) Han and Lando

6. Luke and his X-wing are towed into the cargo hold of the ship. He is then escorted to meet the ship's captain, whose name is what?
(a) Talon Karrde
(b) Kole Karrde
(c) Claw Karrde
(d) Wild Karrde

7. What is Lady Luck?
(a) a star destroyer
(b) a mole miner
(c) a smuggling freighter
(d) a luxury cruiser

8. Han and Lando discuss plans to pay a visit to Talon Karrde as part of Han's earlier mission to do what?
(a) obtain cargo ships
(b) obtain space station blueprints
(c) obtain weapons
(d) obtain weapon schematics

9. Luke notices a metal ______________ that might allow him an escape option?
(a) computer console
(b) window frame
(c) door plate
(d) bed frame

10. Leia sets a time and place to meet up with this Noghri in the near future, so that she may do what?
(a) talk to their elders
(b) get their help to rescue a Jedi
(c) see what Vader did for them
(d) start a trade agreement with the Noghiri

11. Karrde hesitates to take Han and Lando up on their deal because of what?
(a) Karrde does not trust Han.
(b) Karrde does not think Jade would approve.
(c) Karrde does not trust Lando.
(d) Karrde fears taking sides.

12. When Thrawn hails Karrde, he says he needs more what?
(a) mole miners
(b) money
(c) ysalamiri
(d) freighters

13. Luke senses that something is cutting off what?
(a) his air supply
(b) his connection to the force
(c) his arm
(d) his leg

14. Han wriggles out of his handcuffs, which were not real and helps whom, sot hey can make their escape?
(a) Lando
(b) Aves
(c) Threepio
(d) Luke

15. Karrde has Luke moved where, so Han and Lando won't see him?
(a) another ship
(b) a prison cell
(c) a storage area
(d) the planet's surface

Short Answer Questions

1. In order to pull himself out of a tractor beam, Luke does what?

2. What is Luke's condition, after the crash?

3. How does Leia exit the wookie house?

4. Mara sends an encrypted code to Karrde, so that he will know what?

5. During the dinner, Karrde is pulled away for what reason?

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