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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jade obviously hates whom?
(a) Karrde
(b) Luke
(c) Thrawn
(d) The Emperor

2. Ralrra was enslaved by the Empire before who freed him?
(a) Jedi knights
(b) Admiral Ackbar
(c) Alliance
(d) Lando

3. Why does Karrde tell one of his associates to hide the Falcon?
(a) Karrde does not want Han and Lando to leave.
(b) A huge space battle has started.
(c) Karrde doesn't want Luke seeing Han's ship.
(d) The Chimaera has showed up.

4. Mara sends an encrypted code to Karrde, so that he will know what?
(a) Luke has escaped.
(b) Mara is alive.
(c) Imperials are flying overhead.
(d) Luke is dead.

5. To ensure that his crew does not say anything about Luke, accidentally, Karrde does what?
(a) threatens them with death
(b) bribes them with money
(c) gives them the day off
(d) keeps Lando and Han in one room

6. Luke thinks that the ship he encounters is either a smuggler ship, a disguised warship or ____________, but decides to go aboard anyway?
(a) owned by fugitives from a nearby prison planet
(b) Imperial spy ship
(c) pirate ship
(d) owned by unknown, potentially dangerous, aliens

7. To Karrde's dismay, Thrawn comments on what?
(a) Han and Lando
(b) Leia and the noghiri after her
(c) wanting Karrde to kill Luke
(d) the crash that just occured in the forest

8. After disabling the Noghiri ship, Leia asks to speak to whom?
(a) all of the Noghiri council members
(b) the first available Noghiri
(c) the Noghiri who attacked her
(d) the Noghiri who is in charge

9. Karrde hesitates to take Han and Lando up on their deal because of what?
(a) Karrde fears taking sides.
(b) Karrde does not trust Han.
(c) Karrde does not trust Lando.
(d) Karrde does not think Jade would approve.

10. Luke and Jade are about to leave the forest and debate how to do so without being detected by whom?
(a) Karrde
(b) Han
(c) forest predators
(d) Imperials

11. While trying to escape his cell, Luke hears _________ nearby?
(a) Artoo
(b) Karrde
(c) a ship
(d) a wookie

12. What is Lady Luck?
(a) a luxury cruiser
(b) a star destroyer
(c) a mole miner
(d) a smuggling freighter

13. How does Luke's initial meeting with Karrde end?
(a) Jade escorts Luke to a cell.
(b) Luke is shown to comfortable quarters.
(c) Luke is knocked unconscious from behind.
(d) Karrde is knocked unconscious from behind.

14. Karrde's message is telling them to plan a ruse in order to fool whom?
(a) stormtroopers
(b) Thrawn
(c) Lando
(d) Han

15. Using his weapon as the main form of attack, Luke takes down what?
(a) the archway and pillars
(b) the cloaking device
(c) the shield generator
(d) ten stormtroopers

Short Answer Questions

1. Karrde has Luke moved where, so Han and Lando won't see him?

2. Luke goes through the wires and notices that his best option is to use the power supply from what to escape?

3. What is sabbac?

4. It is the middle of the night on Kashyyyk and Leia is awake. As she gets up what happens?

5. Han and Lando offer to take their smuggler contact back to his base in exchange for what?

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