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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Luke and Jade are about to leave the forest and debate how to do so without being detected by whom?
(a) forest predators
(b) Imperials
(c) Karrde
(d) Han

2. On board the Chimaera, Pallaeon confirms that there are how many transient warships available at the Sluis Van Shipyards?
(a) 212
(b) 312
(c) 12
(d) 112

3. When Karrde meets Luke he does what unusual thing, puzzling Luke.
(a) brings ten armed guards
(b) calls Luke by name
(c) wears a Jedi lightsaber on his belt
(d) identifies himself as Luke's long-lost uncle

4. Leia uses what, to disable the Noghiri ship?
(a) the Force
(b) a small bomb
(c) her lightsaber
(d) a blaster

5. As they get closer to the edge of what, Luke and Mara fight off predatory creatures?
(a) an ocean
(b) a river
(c) a forest
(d) a ravine

6. Luke and Artoo finally get loose from their cells and head outside to find what?
(a) any ship to escape in
(b) a place to hide temporarily
(c) someone to help them
(d) Luke's X-Wing

7. As the stormtroopers are escorting Luke and Jade, they run into whom, playing the role of a prisoner?
(a) Aves
(b) Karrde
(c) Han
(d) Lando

8. Han and Lando tell Karrde that they are going to the Falcon to check on some things, but do what instead?
(a) get on the Falcon and fly back to Coruscant
(b) slip off to send a secret message to Leia
(c) slip off to spy on the Imperials
(d) go to snoop on Karrde's prisoner

9. Han and Lando offer to take their smuggler contact back to his base in exchange for what?
(a) a meeting with Karrde
(b) mole miners
(c) information about who is after Leia
(d) money

10. How does Leia exit the wookie house?
(a) She holds onto Chewbacca, who climbs down.
(b) She climbs down a rope by herself.
(c) She uses the Force to propel herself.
(d) She holds onto Ralrra, who climbs down.

11. In Chapter 18, as Artoo wakes Luke again, what ship approaches?
(a) The Queen Karrde
(b) The Wild Karrde
(c) The Karrde Shark
(d) The King Karrde

12. The wookies live in what?
(a) caves
(b) spaceships
(c) the ocean
(d) trees

13. Luke is in the Jedi hibernation trance and is abruptly awakened by Artoo. As Luke wakes up he realizes that he is very close to what?
(a) A black hole
(b) the planet's surface
(c) A star
(d) A Star Destroyer

14. Why does Karrde tell one of his associates to hide the Falcon?
(a) Karrde does not want Han and Lando to leave.
(b) The Chimaera has showed up.
(c) A huge space battle has started.
(d) Karrde doesn't want Luke seeing Han's ship.

15. Jade held what position at Jabba the Hutt's Palace, during the brief time that Luke was there?
(a) band member
(b) chef
(c) Jedi assistant to Jabba
(d) dancer

Short Answer Questions

1. The stormtroopers handcuff and detain both Luke and Mara and escort them to a nearby what?

2. Jade has not slept in how many days, when the next message from Karrde comes?

3. While Luke sleeps, Jade does what, in order to stay awake?

4. Luke could escape after the crash but, instead, he does what?

5. How does Luke's initial meeting with Karrde end?

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