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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jade held what position at Jabba the Hutt's Palace, during the brief time that Luke was there?
(a) band member
(b) dancer
(c) chef
(d) Jedi assistant to Jabba

2. Han and Lando offer to take their smuggler contact back to his base in exchange for what?
(a) mole miners
(b) information about who is after Leia
(c) a meeting with Karrde
(d) money

3. Karrde decides to get in touch with his contact where, to determine why the Imperials are after Luke?
(a) Myrkr
(b) Bimmisaari
(c) Coruscant
(d) Kashyyyk

4. After disabling the Noghiri ship, Leia asks to speak to whom?
(a) all of the Noghiri council members
(b) the first available Noghiri
(c) the Noghiri who is in charge
(d) the Noghiri who attacked her

5. Leia catches a glimpse of the Noghri hiding where?
(a) outside the Falcon
(b) inside the Falcon
(c) among the wookies' dwellings
(d) behind a box

6. It is the middle of the night on Kashyyyk and Leia is awake. As she gets up what happens?
(a) She accidentally falls.
(b) She gets a Force message from Luke.
(c) She is attacked.
(d) She wakes Chewbacca.

7. Which of the following people is injured, during the fight?
(a) Aves
(b) Jade
(c) Karrde
(d) Lando

8. Two Imperial chariot vehicles got away and they need to be stopped before they do what?
(a) find reinforcements
(b) send their report
(c) take Luke away
(d) crash

9. In Chapter 20 who uses Threepio to transmit a message to Coruscant in Leia's voice?
(a) Chewbacca
(b) Artoo
(c) Lando
(d) Han

10. Lando thinks the attack is a bold move because the stormtroopers outnumber them by how much?
(a) 8 to 1
(b) 3 to 1
(c) 4 to 1
(d) 6 to 1

11. Aves is about to blow the rescue plan by beginning the attack and Lando threatens him with what object?
(a) a blaster
(b) a lightsaber
(c) a vibroblade
(d) a heavy pipe

12. The wookies Ralrra and __________ come to greet the landing party?
(a) Nalbacca
(b) Salmareen
(c) Lowbacca
(d) Salporin

13. Luke and Jade are about to leave the forest and debate how to do so without being detected by whom?
(a) Imperials
(b) Karrde
(c) forest predators
(d) Han

14. What type of creature is on Karrde's ship, affecting Luke's force powers?
(a) ysalamiri
(b) ycalimari
(c) yjalimiri
(d) ymsalamiri

15. Han and Lando tell Karrde that they are going to the Falcon to check on some things, but do what instead?
(a) slip off to send a secret message to Leia
(b) get on the Falcon and fly back to Coruscant
(c) slip off to spy on the Imperials
(d) go to snoop on Karrde's prisoner

Short Answer Questions

1. Using his weapon as the main form of attack, Luke takes down what?

2. In order to pull himself out of a tractor beam, Luke does what?

3. Leia uses what, to disable the Noghiri ship?

4. Han and Lando discuss plans to pay a visit to Talon Karrde as part of Han's earlier mission to do what?

5. Karrde hesitates to take Han and Lando up on their deal because of what?

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