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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Luke's initial meeting with Karrde end?
(a) Karrde is knocked unconscious from behind.
(b) Luke is knocked unconscious from behind.
(c) Jade escorts Luke to a cell.
(d) Luke is shown to comfortable quarters.

2. The smuggler contact agrees to do as Han asks because Han did what?
(a) saved him from aliens
(b) threatened him
(c) paid him
(d) punched him

3. Leia uses what, to disable the Noghiri ship?
(a) the Force
(b) her lightsaber
(c) a small bomb
(d) a blaster

4. How does Leia exit the wookie house?
(a) She climbs down a rope by herself.
(b) She holds onto Chewbacca, who climbs down.
(c) She holds onto Ralrra, who climbs down.
(d) She uses the Force to propel herself.

5. Han and Lando discuss plans to pay a visit to Talon Karrde as part of Han's earlier mission to do what?
(a) obtain cargo ships
(b) obtain space station blueprints
(c) obtain weapon schematics
(d) obtain weapons

6. Using his weapon as the main form of attack, Luke takes down what?
(a) the archway and pillars
(b) ten stormtroopers
(c) the cloaking device
(d) the shield generator

7. Luke wakes up, after his meeting with Karrde and realizes that what has happened to him?
(a) Luke has been shot.
(b) Luke has been dropped off on an unknown planet.
(c) Luke has been drugged.
(d) Luke has been stabbed.

8. Karrde says that he did not really want to do what with Luke?
(a) kill him
(b) set him free
(c) keep him locked up
(d) turn him over to the Imperials

9. Ralrra is able to speak which language so Leia can understand?
(a) Basic
(b) Bocce
(c) Shriwook
(d) Alderaanian

10. Putting two and two together, after hearing a transmission fromt he Falcon, Thrawn deduces that Leia is what?
(a) headed to Coruscant
(b) sick
(c) dead
(d) headed to Kashyyyk

11. Luke is in the Jedi hibernation trance and is abruptly awakened by Artoo. As Luke wakes up he realizes that he is very close to what?
(a) A black hole
(b) the planet's surface
(c) A Star Destroyer
(d) A star

12. Lando thinks the attack is a bold move because the stormtroopers outnumber them by how much?
(a) 8 to 1
(b) 6 to 1
(c) 3 to 1
(d) 4 to 1

13. Jade obviously hates whom?
(a) Thrawn
(b) Luke
(c) Karrde
(d) The Emperor

14. Ralrra was enslaved by the Empire before who freed him?
(a) Alliance
(b) Lando
(c) Admiral Ackbar
(d) Jedi knights

15. As they get closer to the edge of what, Luke and Mara fight off predatory creatures?
(a) a ravine
(b) a forest
(c) an ocean
(d) a river

Short Answer Questions

1. The Noghiri explain that they know who is related to Vader?

2. Luke goes through the wires and notices that his best option is to use the power supply from what to escape?

3. There is a scuffle involving aliens trying to do what to Han?

4. Luke and Jade are about to leave the forest and debate how to do so without being detected by whom?

5. When Karrde meets Luke he does what unusual thing, puzzling Luke.

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