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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The people of Bimmisaari are known as what?
(a) Bimbobs
(b) Bimms
(c) Bimmians
(d) Bimmys

2. Mon Mothma insists that the trip is necessary why?
(a) to rescue a missing council member
(b) diplomatic reasons
(c) relaxation
(d) to guard against attack

3. What is Karrde's first name?
(a) Theron
(b) Talon
(c) Thelon
(d) Teron

4. Pallaeon regrets the Emperor's decision to build a second what, since flaws were discovered in the first one?
(a) TIE Fighter
(b) Death Star
(c) Freighter
(d) Star Destroyer

5. When Karrde contacts the ship, in Chapter 3, he knows they are headed where?
(a) the forest
(b) the desert
(c) the city
(d) the mountains

6. The group thinks that what act happened to the chief negotiator they were to meet with?
(a) shooting
(b) kidnapping
(c) poisoning
(d) bribing

7. Leia knows Luke is distressed because of what?
(a) Han tells her.
(b) Jedi powers
(c) a distress signal
(d) an inter-stellar communication

8. As Luke joins in the battle with Han on the Falcon, he hears someone call to him saying what?
(a) The Jedi will come together in battle.
(b) The Jedi will rise.
(c) The Jedi will fall.
(d) The Jedi will die.

9. Leia feels that the attack on Nkllon may have been an attempt to do what, but Lando disagrees?
(a) capture Luke
(b) capture Leia
(c) kill Luke
(d) kill Leia

10. What is the name of the Grand Admiral?
(a) Thalrawn
(b) Thrawn
(c) Thwarn
(d) Theron

11. As the party approaches the surface of Nkllon, what do they see on the surface?
(a) mole miners working
(b) a fire burning
(c) a volcano erupting
(d) the Chimaera on the landing platform

12. Who feels that Leia's party's departure sends a bad message to the Bimms, with whom they are seeking an alliance?
(a) Fey'lya
(b) Ackbar
(c) Wedge
(d) Artoo

13. What is Kashyyyk?
(a) a planet
(b) an alien species
(c) a spaceship
(d) a city

14. Borsk Fey'lya is what species?
(a) Hutt
(b) Wookie
(c) Sullustan
(d) Bothan

15. Leia's party is encouraged to do some sightseeing because the chief negotiator is what?
(a) temporarily stuck in orbit on a ship
(b) ill
(c) missing
(d) busy in a meeting

Short Answer Questions

1. Only when Thrawn promises to deliver Leia and __________ does Joruus reconsider the offer?

2. Who does Leia send to check on Luke?

3. Scout ships send word of a raid on what system in Chapter 1?

4. Who tells Thrawn that they sent a message to Luke?

5. Only when Leia calls out to Luke does Luke realize that he has been on his own, far from Nkllon, for how long?

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