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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pallaeon's ship called?
(a) Caminala
(b) Camera
(c) Chimaera
(d) Camero

2. Thrawn discusses plans with Pallaeon to obtain what, for an attack on some shipyards?
(a) X-Wings
(b) Star Destroyers
(c) mole miners
(d) frigates

3. As Han and Leia are arriving on Nkllon, who else arrives?
(a) Wedge
(b) Thrawn
(c) Ackbar
(d) Luke

4. Leia seeks permission for a leave of absence for what reason, but is denied?
(a) Jedi training
(b) child birth
(c) a vacation
(d) a personal rescue mission to rescue a friend

5. Han makes a plan to have Leia create a diversion by grabbing what from a local vendor?
(a) food
(b) clothing
(c) jewelry
(d) weapons

6. Who receives news, at the start of chapter 8, that the Noghri have failed in their attempt at capturing Luke and Leia on Bimmsaari?
(a) Mon Mothma
(b) Wedge
(c) Artoo
(d) Thrawn

7. C'baoth insists they take him where, in order to await Skywalker's arrival?
(a) Jarmark
(b) Jomark
(c) Jalnuk
(d) Jarmuk

8. The people of Bimmisaari are known as what?
(a) Bimms
(b) Bimbobs
(c) Bimmys
(d) Bimmians

9. Chewbacca stays behind on what ship, while the others go to greet the diplomats?
(a) The Hawk
(b) The Raven
(c) The Falcon
(d) The Eagle

10. Grand Admiral Thrawn, on board what ship, prepares for a three-pronged attack on the New Republic?
(a) Wilde Karrde
(b) Chimaera
(c) Falcon
(d) Lady Luck

11. Which of the following people attends the meeting with Han and Chewbacca, in chapter 2?
(a) Leia
(b) Luke
(c) Wedge
(d) Threepio

12. What is Mara's last name?
(a) Jade
(b) Mothma
(c) Janda
(d) Manthor

13. Borsk Fey'lya is what species?
(a) Bothan
(b) Sullustan
(c) Wookie
(d) Hutt

14. As Luke joins in the battle with Han on the Falcon, he hears someone call to him saying what?
(a) The Jedi will fall.
(b) The Jedi will come together in battle.
(c) The Jedi will die.
(d) The Jedi will rise.

15. Pallaeon is suspicious of whom and is reluctant to accept their help?
(a) Karrde
(b) Luke
(c) Mara
(d) Thrawn

Short Answer Questions

1. Leia plans to check the Imperial archives for information on what?

2. What is the guardian's first name?

3. The group thinks that what act happened to the chief negotiator they were to meet with?

4. On the Chimaera, C'baoth proclaims that they obtained how many of the mole miners they were seeking?

5. Once they are back on board the ship, Leia learns what about the Bimm guide that took them to the marketplace?

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