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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bimmisaari is a planet inhabited by individuals that wear what color clothing clothing and are half-covered with fur?
(a) red
(b) green
(c) blue
(d) yellow

2. Han and Leia wonder why the Empire chose Bpfassh, when what is not too far away and might have made a better target?
(a) Endor
(b) Kashyyyk
(c) Coruscant
(d) Sluis Van

3. Han and Lando devise a plan to program Threepio with what?
(a) Leia's voice
(b) a fake plan to distract Leia's pursuers
(c) Han's voice
(d) an escape route

4. Han and Leia discover that they are surrounded by unusual looking gray creatures, wielding what sort of sticks?
(a) stohilk
(b) stakhilo
(c) stokhli
(d) stokylik

5. When Karrde contacts the ship, in Chapter 3, he knows they are headed where?
(a) the city
(b) the mountains
(c) the desert
(d) the forest

6. What is the name of the new government that is in its infancy at the start of Chapter 1?
(a) The New Republic
(b) The New Regime
(c) The New Order
(d) The New Empire

7. Luke goes to look around the Tower of what, where the planetary council is housed?
(a) Justice
(b) Power
(c) Peace
(d) Law

8. Thrawn's team is looking for the guardian of what?
(a) the city
(b) the mountain
(c) the forest
(d) the ocean

9. What is the name of the evil organization mentioned in Chapter 1 that was defeated five years earlier?
(a) The Republic
(b) The Empire
(c) The Rebellion
(d) The Jedi

10. What is the guardian's first name?
(a) Jacen
(b) Jarouss
(c) Joreel
(d) Joruus

11. Who tells Thrawn that they sent a message to Luke?
(a) Leia
(b) C'baoth
(c) Han
(d) Pallaeon

12. As Han and Leia are arriving on Nkllon, who else arrives?
(a) Luke
(b) Thrawn
(c) Wedge
(d) Ackbar

13. Pallaeon is suspicious of whom and is reluctant to accept their help?
(a) Karrde
(b) Mara
(c) Luke
(d) Thrawn

14. Han makes a plan to have Leia create a diversion by grabbing what from a local vendor?
(a) weapons
(b) food
(c) jewelry
(d) clothing

15. What is the name of the Grand Admiral?
(a) Thalrawn
(b) Theron
(c) Thwarn
(d) Thrawn

Short Answer Questions

1. Han gets down to business with Lando, explaining that they need to create a ruse to do what?

2. Chewbacca stays behind on what ship, while the others go to greet the diplomats?

3. Thrawn arrives at what place, and orders the commencement of the planned attacks?

4. Why does Han tell Luke that Luke cannot join them on their trip to Bpfassh?

5. Who does Karrde want to groom as his second in command?

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