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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Luke declines to escort Leia because he wants to follow up on a message from whom?
(a) another Jedi
(b) Fey'lya
(c) Ackbar
(d) a council member

2. Han makes a plan to have Leia create a diversion by grabbing what from a local vendor?
(a) jewelry
(b) clothing
(c) food
(d) weapons

3. Luke tells them that he found a canister on Dagobah and that it probably belongs to the Dark Jedi that fled to Dagobah from where?
(a) Coruscant
(b) Bimmisaari
(c) Bpfassh
(d) Myrkr

4. Leia is pregnant with how many children?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 1
(d) 4

5. Han and Leia plan to trick the Noghri aliens by making it look like they are about to go aboard the Falcon, but instead they sneak where?
(a) around the back
(b) under the hull
(c) behind some cargo boxes
(d) up on the roof

6. Once they are back on board the ship, Leia learns what about the Bimm guide that took them to the marketplace?
(a) The guide is now dead.
(b) The guide was an imposter.
(c) The guide was bribed.
(d) The guide has followed them.

7. After the meeting, Leia and who are stopped by Mon Mothma?
(a) Han
(b) Borsk
(c) Ackbar
(d) Wedge

8. The Council for the New Republic is meeting and who is delivering their report from the contact mission?
(a) Luke
(b) Han
(c) Mon Mothma
(d) Leia

9. Who does Karrde want to groom as his second in command?
(a) Pallaeon
(b) Leia
(c) Mara
(d) Luke

10. Why does Han tell Luke that Luke cannot join them on their trip to Bpfassh?
(a) The Bpfasshi do not like unscheduled visitors
(b) The Bpfasshi do not like Jedi.
(c) The Bpfasshi do not like Luke, specifically.
(d) The Bpfasshi do not like most men, but Han has met them before and been accepted. Luke has not.

11. Luke decides to go see Lando where?
(a) the Athega system
(b) Coruscant
(c) the Alderaan System
(d) the Outer Rim

12. When Karrde hails what ship, he offers to help them?
(a) Luke's X-Wing
(b) The Falcon
(c) The Wilde Karrde
(d) The Chimaera

13. Pallaeon is suspicious of whom and is reluctant to accept their help?
(a) Thrawn
(b) Luke
(c) Karrde
(d) Mara

14. After they avert the threat, Thrawn orders Pallaeon to set a course for where?
(a) Kashyyyk
(b) Coruscant
(c) Myrkr
(d) Dagobah

15. Luke decides to prepare his X-wing for a trip to where, after Han and Leia leave him?
(a) Bpfassh
(b) Kashyyyk
(c) Dagobah
(d) Endor

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the evil organization mentioned in Chapter 1 that was defeated five years earlier?

2. Han's friend and first mate is whom?

3. When Karrde contacts the ship, in Chapter 3, he knows they are headed where?

4. What is Kashyyyk?

5. Who feels that Leia's party's departure sends a bad message to the Bimms, with whom they are seeking an alliance?

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