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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grand Admiral Thrawn, on board what ship, prepares for a three-pronged attack on the New Republic?
(a) Chimaera
(b) Lady Luck
(c) Wilde Karrde
(d) Falcon

2. Only when Leia calls out to Luke does Luke realize that he has been on his own, far from Nkllon, for how long?
(a) half an hour
(b) two hours
(c) two and a half hours
(d) an hour

3. Mon Mothma insists that the trip is necessary why?
(a) diplomatic reasons
(b) to rescue a missing council member
(c) relaxation
(d) to guard against attack

4. Leia plans to check the Imperial archives for information on what?
(a) who the alien species that attacked them are
(b) who may have hired the aliens to attack them
(c) Bimm spies
(d) Bimmisaari relations with Imperial remnants

5. As Han and Leia are arriving on Nkllon, who else arrives?
(a) Ackbar
(b) Wedge
(c) Luke
(d) Thrawn

6. Han is away on what sort of mission, in chapter 2?
(a) a contact mission
(b) a top secret mission
(c) a rescue mission
(d) a recon mission

7. Han and Leia wonder why the Empire chose Bpfassh, when what is not too far away and might have made a better target?
(a) Endor
(b) Kashyyyk
(c) Sluis Van
(d) Coruscant

8. Mara is in what state of mind, whenever Vader or the Death Star is mentioned?
(a) relieved
(b) upset
(c) happy
(d) indifferent

9. What gives Jedis their power?
(a) drugs
(b) lightsabers
(c) The Force
(d) The Empire

10. The people of Bimmisaari are known as what?
(a) Bimmys
(b) Bimbobs
(c) Bimms
(d) Bimmians

11. Leia misses her husband whom?
(a) Han
(b) Lando
(c) Luke
(d) Anakin

12. Who pays a visit to Luke and Leia, during Leia's Jedi training?
(a) Wedge
(b) Karrde
(c) Lando
(d) Han

13. When Pallaeon enters Thrawn's private quarters, he sees an elaborate art gallery that turns out to be what?
(a) all stolen art
(b) cheap, useless artwork
(c) a hologram
(d) worth a lot of money

14. What is Leia's last name?
(a) Sywalker
(b) Organa
(c) Solo
(d) Windwalker

15. In Chapter 4, Thrawn's team lands where?
(a) Waymont
(b) Wayward
(c) Wayland
(d) Wayford

Short Answer Questions

1. When Karrde hails what ship, he offers to help them?

2. What is Pallaeon's ship called?

3. C'baoth insists they take him where, in order to await Skywalker's arrival?

4. Using the diversion in the marketplace, Han uses his comlink to call whom?

5. Luke decides to prepare his X-wing for a trip to where, after Han and Leia leave him?

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