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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As they run for cover, Han and Leia hear the familiar sounds of what flying overhead?
(a) Landspeeders
(b) the Millenium Falcon
(c) blaster fire
(d) TIE Fighters

2. Who is Mon Mothma?
(a) Leia's secretarial aide
(b) an Imperial spy
(c) a government leader
(d) a smuggler

3. Mon Mothma asks Leia if Luke has heard about the planned trip to where?
(a) Bandomir
(b) Myrkr
(c) Kashyyyk
(d) Bimmisaari

4. Leia knows Luke is distressed because of what?
(a) Han tells her.
(b) a distress signal
(c) Jedi powers
(d) an inter-stellar communication

5. During the meeting between Thrawn and Pallaeon, a young Lieutenant named what interrupts?
(a) Stchal
(b) Tackle
(c) Tschel
(d) Stackle

6. Leia plans to check the Imperial archives for information on what?
(a) who may have hired the aliens to attack them
(b) who the alien species that attacked them are
(c) Bimm spies
(d) Bimmisaari relations with Imperial remnants

7. Joruus C'baoth controls the attacks on the other two locations, using what, to keep the attacks coordinated and to allow only minimal losses?
(a) battle droids
(b) a force field
(c) Jedi powers
(d) a fleet of star destroyers

8. What affects a Jedi's power, rendering a Jedi powerless?
(a) the Chimaera
(b) ysalamari
(c) Dagobah
(d) dark Jedi

9. Han's friend and first mate is whom?
(a) Artoo
(b) Threepio
(c) Chewbacca
(d) Luke

10. The people of Bimmisaari are known as what?
(a) Bimmys
(b) Bimms
(c) Bimmians
(d) Bimbobs

11. What does Luke find in the cave on Dagobah?
(a) a metal cylinder
(b) a dead body
(c) a treasure chest
(d) a broken droid

12. Han gets down to business with Lando, explaining that they need to create a ruse to do what?
(a) protect Leia
(b) get a message to Ackbar
(c) hide from Fey'lya
(d) rescue Luke

13. Leia misses her husband whom?
(a) Han
(b) Lando
(c) Anakin
(d) Luke

14. Han wants to hire his old friend to do what sort of job?
(a) mine an asteroid
(b) transport cargo
(c) spy on the enemy
(d) rescue Leia

15. What shipyards does Thrawn plan to attack?
(a) Sluis Voon
(b) Van Slius
(c) Sluis Van
(d) Voon Slius

Short Answer Questions

1. Borsk Fey'lya is what species?

2. Mon Mothma insists that the trip is necessary why?

3. What is the name of the Grand Admiral?

4. Leia seeks permission for a leave of absence for what reason, but is denied?

5. As the party approaches the surface of Nkllon, what do they see on the surface?

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