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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Karrde's first name?
(a) Theron
(b) Talon
(c) Teron
(d) Thelon

2. Han's friend and first mate is whom?
(a) Chewbacca
(b) Artoo
(c) Luke
(d) Threepio

3. Pallaeon regrets the Emperor's decision to build a second what, since flaws were discovered in the first one?
(a) Freighter
(b) TIE Fighter
(c) Star Destroyer
(d) Death Star

4. What is the guardian's first name?
(a) Jacen
(b) Jarouss
(c) Joruus
(d) Joreel

5. When Karrde contacts the ship, in Chapter 3, he knows they are headed where?
(a) the city
(b) the desert
(c) the forest
(d) the mountains

Short Answer Questions

1. Han is away on what sort of mission, in chapter 2?

2. The group thinks that what act happened to the chief negotiator they were to meet with?

3. Luke goes to look around the Tower of what, where the planetary council is housed?

4. During the meeting between Thrawn and Pallaeon, a young Lieutenant named what interrupts?

5. Karrde knows that Mara's history is linked to whom?

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