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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Han tell Luke that Luke cannot join them on their trip to Bpfassh?
(a) The Bpfasshi do not like Jedi.
(b) The Bpfasshi do not like most men, but Han has met them before and been accepted. Luke has not.
(c) The Bpfasshi do not like unscheduled visitors
(d) The Bpfasshi do not like Luke, specifically.

2. Leia's party is encouraged to do some sightseeing because the chief negotiator is what?
(a) missing
(b) busy in a meeting
(c) ill
(d) temporarily stuck in orbit on a ship

3. As he prepares to go back into the Jedi induced trance, he calls out to whom?
(a) Obi-wan
(b) Leia
(c) Yoda
(d) the unidentified Jedi that called to him before

4. What is Mara's last name?
(a) Mothma
(b) Janda
(c) Jade
(d) Manthor

5. What affects a Jedi's power, rendering a Jedi powerless?
(a) dark Jedi
(b) the Chimaera
(c) Dagobah
(d) ysalamari

Short Answer Questions

1. Ralrra was enslaved by the Empire before who freed him?

2. Bimmisaari is a planet inhabited by individuals that wear what color clothing clothing and are half-covered with fur?

3. Thrawn and Pallaeon want to focus C'baoth's attention on whom, rather than Luke?

4. When Karrde contacts the ship, in Chapter 3, he knows they are headed where?

5. As Luke joins in the battle with Han on the Falcon, he hears someone call to him saying what?

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