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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mrs. Elvsted's state of mind after the gentlemen leave?
(a) Hopeful and determined.
(b) Jubilant and victorious.
(c) Serene and confident.
(d) Anxious and unhappy.

2. What does Hedda understand is the real point of Brack's story?
(a) He is afraid Lovborg might hurt someone.
(b) Brack doesn't want Lovborg around Hedda.
(c) He is afraid a scandal might ruin Tesman.
(d) To convince Tesman to surrender the manuscript.

3. What is the relationship between Lovborg and Miss Diana?
(a) Miss Diana works at the police station and remembers him from before his reformation.
(b) Miss Diana is his cousin who has always helped him through hard times.
(c) Lovborg owes Miss Diana money that she hopes to recover by the sale of his book.
(d) They were former lovers.

4. What does Hedda do with a pistol as Lovborg prepares to leave?
(a) She lays it on the table in the entry way.
(b) She gives it to him as a 'keepsake'.
(c) She fires it in the air.
(d) She tries to hide it from Lovborg.

5. Which of the following best characterizes the dinner party at Brack's house?
(a) Dull and monotonous.
(b) Poorly attended and brief.
(c) Wild and uncontrolled.
(d) Sophisticated and intellectual.

6. What is the very important thing that Hedda keeps from Lovborg when he comes to see her in Act 3?
(a) Information about the professorship.
(b) The money he needs to buy back his manuscript.
(c) Her love and sympathy.
(d) His manuscript.

7. What is the likely reason that Hedda dreams of controlling another person's destiny?
(a) She aspires to do more good than one person can.
(b) She wants to be like Mrs Elvsted.
(c) She feels very little power over her own life.
(d) It is simply entertainment.

8. What happens to the manuscript when Tesman leaves?
(a) Tesman takes it with him to return to it's rightful owner.
(b) Tesman gives it to Brack to hold onto.
(c) Tesman leaves it in Hedda's care.
(d) It gets knocked off the table and the pages scatter.

9. What reason does Hedda give Lovborg for not following through on a threat she made a long time ago?
(a) It would have damaged her chances of marrying Tesman.
(b) She was a coward and afraid of scandal.
(c) Because she loved Lovborg.
(d) She knew it was wrong.

10. What does Tesman plan to do with the manuscript?
(a) Return it right away to Lovborg.
(b) Take it to the publisher as his own work.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Hide it until after the professorship is his.

11. When does Hedda do with Lovborg's manuscript when she hears the maid admit Lovborg into the house?
(a) Leaves it scattered on the floor.
(b) Hides it in a drawer.
(c) Lays it out on the table.
(d) Tosses it in the fire.

12. How many copies of Lovborg's manuscript exist?
(a) One.
(b) Two, but only one is available because the other is at the Elvsted house.
(c) One that was divided into two pieces and seperated.
(d) Two.

13. What best characterizes the way Hedda feels about Mrs. Elvsted?
(a) She feels Mrs. Elvsted is wrong to leave her husband.
(b) She thinks Mrs. Elvsted is a scheming social climber.
(c) She is jealous of her and the influence she has on Lovborg.
(d) She feels a close affinity to Mrs. Elvsted.

14. What does Hedda say she is doing at the end of Act 3 of HEDDA GABLER?
(a) Destroying her past.
(b) Destroying Lovborg's future.
(c) Burning a child.
(d) Making an opportunity for Tesman.

15. What does Hedda threaten, again, to do to Mrs. Elvsted?
(a) Burn her hair off.
(b) Write to her husband.
(c) Ruin her in society.
(d) Seperate her from Lovborg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hedda envision for Lovborg the night of Brack's party?

2. What is Hedda thankful for, in her relationship with Brack?

3. What is Hedda doing when Tesman returns from Brack's party?

4. What does Lovborg try to call Hedda when they are alone?

5. What does the letter from Julle tell Tesman?

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