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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the likely reason that Hedda dreams of controlling another person's destiny?
(a) It is simply entertainment.
(b) She aspires to do more good than one person can.
(c) She feels very little power over her own life.
(d) She wants to be like Mrs Elvsted.

2. What does the letter from Julle tell Tesman?
(a) That Hedda is pregnant.
(b) That Lovborg was arrested, and needs help.
(c) That the police know he has Lovborg's book, and he must go to the station at once.
(d) That Rina is dying and he must hurry to her side.

3. What does Lovborg tell Mrs. Elvsted when he returns at last from Brack's party?
(a) He tells her that he tried to return for her the previous night but was prevented.
(b) He has no more use for her and they must part.
(c) He lost control and needs her forgiveness.
(d) He tells her that he loves another woman.

4. What becomes apparent as soon as Hedda and Lovborg converse alone?
(a) Hedda is angry at Lovborg for an unknown reason.
(b) Lovborg is jealous of Tesman's success.
(c) Hedda and Lovborg have been very close.
(d) Hedda wishes she had married Lovborg.

5. What does Lovborg ask Hedda while they are alone?
(a) He wants to know if she thinks his book is better than Tesman's.
(b) He asks her about Mrs Elvsted.
(c) He asks if there was ever any love in her friendship for him.
(d) He asks if Tesman is angry with him for competing for the professorship.

6. Which of the following best characterizes Lovborg the night of Brack's party?
(a) Desperate and scheming.
(b) Out of control and drunken.
(c) Eloquent and learned.
(d) Strong and willful.

7. What does Hedda divulge to Lovborg that Mrs Elvsted did not want known?
(a) That she had been a flame of Tesman's.
(b) That she had left her husband.
(c) That she was jealous of Hedda.
(d) That she was anxious about Lovborg's fortitude.

8. Which of the following best describes the state Lovborg is in when he returns to the Tesman household after Brack's party?
(a) Elated and joyous.
(b) Sad and mournful.
(c) Contrite and repentant.
(d) Desperate and disheveled.

9. What is becoming clear about Brack's motives with Hedda?
(a) Brack wants a more intimate relationship with Hedda.
(b) Brack is jealous of Tesman.
(c) Brack is looking after her for her father.
(d) Brack is willing to do anything that Hedda asks.

10. In Act 3, after Brack leaves, what does Hedda do?
(a) Write a letter to Lovborg.
(b) Pour herself a drink.
(c) Leaf through Lovborg's manuscript.
(d) Cry.

11. What is the thing that Hedda fights hardest for?
(a) Power.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Love.
(d) Amusement.

12. What does Hedda refer to when she says someone has 'vine leaves in their hair'?
(a) That they are living a wild lifestyle.
(b) That they are free-spirited.
(c) That they have become stuck somewhere.
(d) That they are all dressed up.

13. Where did Tesman get Lovborg's manuscript?
(a) He stole it when Lovborg wasn't looking.
(b) He found it on the side of the road.
(c) He borrowed it to read.
(d) Brack gave it to him for safe keeping.

14. What reason does Hedda give Lovborg for not following through on a threat she made a long time ago?
(a) She knew it was wrong.
(b) Because she loved Lovborg.
(c) It would have damaged her chances of marrying Tesman.
(d) She was a coward and afraid of scandal.

15. What is the usual manner for Brack's arrivals and departures?
(a) He lets himself in without using the bell so not to disturb anyone.
(b) He comes and goes with Tesman.
(c) He arrives unannounced through the back door and garden.
(d) The front door, as a formal guest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hedda destroy in the end of Act 3 of HEDDA GABLER?

2. What is Lovborg's response to Hedda's revelation about Mr Elvsted?

3. What is the reason that Brack gives Hedda for telling her everything that happened to Lovborg the previous evening?

4. What does Hedda remember getting Lovborg to confess?

5. What is the relationship between Lovborg and Miss Diana?

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