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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following set of people truly acts in the others best interest to the best of their ability in the play HEDDA GABLER?
(a) Lovborg and Mrs Elvsted.
(b) Tesman and Brack.
(c) Hedda and Brack.
(d) Hedda and Tesman.

2. Why did Lovborg fight with Miss Diana?
(a) Lovborg wanted more money from her.
(b) Miss Diana demanded that he give her his book.
(c) Lovborg thought she took his manuscript.
(d) Miss Diana wanted him to stop drinking.

3. What is becoming clear about Brack's motives with Hedda?
(a) Brack is willing to do anything that Hedda asks.
(b) Brack wants a more intimate relationship with Hedda.
(c) Brack is jealous of Tesman.
(d) Brack is looking after her for her father.

4. After Mrs Elvsted arrives, what does Lovborg talk about?
(a) He talks about Tesman's research.
(b) He talks about nothing but his book.
(c) He talks about when he knew Hedda.
(d) He compliments Mrs Elvsted and praises the friendship he has with her.

5. What attribute does he give Mrs Elvsted that he knows Hedda lacks?
(a) A great understanding of interpersonal relationships.
(b) Intellectuality.
(c) The courage to act.
(d) Beauty.

6. When does Hedda do with Lovborg's manuscript when she hears the maid admit Lovborg into the house?
(a) Leaves it scattered on the floor.
(b) Hides it in a drawer.
(c) Tosses it in the fire.
(d) Lays it out on the table.

7. What does Lovborg ask Hedda while they are alone?
(a) He asks if Tesman is angry with him for competing for the professorship.
(b) He wants to know if she thinks his book is better than Tesman's.
(c) He asks her about Mrs Elvsted.
(d) He asks if there was ever any love in her friendship for him.

8. Which of the following best characterizes the dinner party at Brack's house?
(a) Wild and uncontrolled.
(b) Sophisticated and intellectual.
(c) Dull and monotonous.
(d) Poorly attended and brief.

9. What does Tesman think of the book Lovborg read out loud at Brack's party?
(a) He thinks it is plagiarism of his own work.
(b) He thinks it's one of the most remarkable books ever written.
(c) He thinks it is interesting but poorly written.
(d) He thinks it's dull and simplistic.

10. What does Berte deliver for Tesman at a very early hour of the morning?
(a) A manuscript.
(b) A letter from Hedda's past.
(c) A package.
(d) A letter from Julle.

11. Before he leaves, what does Lovborg promise to do?
(a) Stay sober.
(b) Speak to Brack about the professorship.
(c) Finish his book.
(d) Return at ten to take Mrs. Elvsted home.

12. What does Hedda divulge to Lovborg that Mrs Elvsted did not want known?
(a) That she had been a flame of Tesman's.
(b) That she had left her husband.
(c) That she was anxious about Lovborg's fortitude.
(d) That she was jealous of Hedda.

13. What best characterizes the way Hedda feels about Mrs. Elvsted?
(a) She is jealous of her and the influence she has on Lovborg.
(b) She feels Mrs. Elvsted is wrong to leave her husband.
(c) She thinks Mrs. Elvsted is a scheming social climber.
(d) She feels a close affinity to Mrs. Elvsted.

14. What reason does Hedda give Lovborg for not following through on a threat she made a long time ago?
(a) She was a coward and afraid of scandal.
(b) She knew it was wrong.
(c) Because she loved Lovborg.
(d) It would have damaged her chances of marrying Tesman.

15. What is the very important thing that Hedda keeps from Lovborg when he comes to see her in Act 3?
(a) The money he needs to buy back his manuscript.
(b) Her love and sympathy.
(c) His manuscript.
(d) Information about the professorship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What future does Hedda see for Lovborg?

2. What does Hedda say she is doing at the end of Act 3 of HEDDA GABLER?

3. Where did Tesman get Lovborg's manuscript?

4. What is Hedda thankful for, in her relationship with Brack?

5. Which of the following best characterizes Lovborg the night of Brack's party?

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