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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Lovborg's book received by the public?
(a) It becomes the most popular novel of the time.
(b) It is ridiculed.
(c) It is disputed by the academic community.
(d) It is very well received and called 'a sensation'.

2. What did Tesman tell Brack about Tesman and Hedda's trip?
(a) They missed their home terribly.
(b) It was long and difficult.
(c) They spent every moment together.
(d) Hedda had a very good time.

3. In Act 2, who are the two people expected to be visiting the Tesman home in the evening?
(a) Lovborg and Brack.
(b) Julle and Mrs Elvsted.
(c) Mrs Elvsted and Lovborg.
(d) Berte and Lovborg.

4. Who is the bouquet of flowers from?
(a) Mrs Elvsted.
(b) Ejlert Lovborg.
(c) The sender remains anonymous.
(d) Brack.

5. What is Hedda's state of mind after Julle leaves?
(a) Resigned and content.
(b) Happy to be home.
(c) Tired and overwhelmed.
(d) Angry and tense.

6. How does Hedda feel about the house she lives in?
(a) She loves the way the house has been furnished.
(b) She thinks the house will be good for raising a family.
(c) She thinks it smells of old ladies and death.
(d) She thinks the house is plain and depressing.

7. What does Hedda claim she has to keep her entertained at the end of Act 1 of HEDDA GABLER?
(a) A charming home.
(b) A busy social life.
(c) Her father's pistols.
(d) A growing family.

8. What would best characterize the way Hedda greets Julle?
(a) Loving and warm.
(b) Appreciative and obliging.
(c) Cool and formal.
(d) Excited and enthusiastic.

9. What does Hedda tell Brack about her trip with Tesman?
(a) She wishes she never had to return home.
(b) She missed her wonderful home.
(c) She was very bored with only Tesman for company.
(d) She liked the people she met abroad.

10. When Julle leaves at the end of Act 1, what are her plans for returning?
(a) She will return to spend the winter.
(b) She plans never to return.
(c) She is afraid she'll be too busy to come often.
(d) She plans on returning every day to visit.

11. What is the only thing that Mrs Elvsted knows about the woman whose shadow stands between her and Lovborg?
(a) She tried to shoot him with a pistol.
(b) She was a remarkable beauty, with red hair.
(c) She had rejected Lovborg for another man.
(d) Lovborg had asked her to marry him.

12. How does Hedda feel about the possibility of motherhood?
(a) She can't wait to hear children's voices in the house.
(b) She has no leaning toward such responsibilities.
(c) She looks forward to it to keep her occupied.
(d) She doesn't think she is capable of bearing children.

13. What does Ejlert Lovborg do shortly after publishing his book?
(a) Applies for a professorship.
(b) Leaves the Elvsted household to return to town.
(c) Inherits a fortune.
(d) Falls in love with Diana, a red headed singer.

14. What was Hedda's life like before she married?
(a) She was the heiress to a large fortune.
(b) She was the beautiful daughter of a poor family.
(c) She was the popular daughter of a general.
(d) She was a school teacher.

15. What does Hedda tell Brack her reason's were for marrying Tesman?
(a) His was her only marriage proposal.
(b) He was determined to support her and he was not ridiculous.
(c) She sees him as a great man that will go far.
(d) She loves him despite his prospects.

Short Answer Questions

1. What part of Mrs Elvsted does Hedda find "irritating"?

2. What does Mrs Elvsted ask of Tesman in Act 1 of Hedda Gabler?

3. What two events does Tesman accidentally schedule for the same time?

4. What role did Ejlert Lovborg play in the Elvsted household prior to the happenings in the play Hedda Gabler?

5. What was the basis of the close friendship shared by Lovborg and Mrs Elvsted?

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