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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs Elvsted ask of Tesman in Act 1 of Hedda Gabler?
(a) To let Lovborg have the professorship.
(b) To be kind to Lovborg and keep a watchful eye on him.
(c) To continue Lovborg's work.
(d) To let her know what he thinks of Lovborg's book.

2. What two events does Tesman accidentally schedule for the same time?
(a) Mrs Elvsted's visit and work for his next book.
(b) Lovborg's visit and a visit from his aunt.
(c) Lovborg's visit and Brack's dinner.
(d) Brack's party and his wife's birthday.

3. What is the only thing that Mrs Elvsted knows about the woman whose shadow stands between her and Lovborg?
(a) She tried to shoot him with a pistol.
(b) Lovborg had asked her to marry him.
(c) She had rejected Lovborg for another man.
(d) She was a remarkable beauty, with red hair.

4. Which of the following best characterizes Mrs Elvsted's feelings regarding Lovborg?
(a) Protective, worried, and adoring.
(b) Proud, sure, and boastful.
(c) Skeptical and cautious.
(d) Fearful, thwarted, and rancorous.

5. What does Hedda threaten to do to Berte in Act 1 of Hedda Gabler?
(a) Cut her hair off.
(b) Dismiss her.
(c) Visit her every day.
(d) Send her to care for Rina.

6. What does Hedda dream of convincing Tesman to do?
(a) Get his book published.
(b) Move to the country.
(c) Become more fashionable.
(d) Go into politics.

7. In the second act, what do we learn about the hat incident?
(a) Hedda only pretended she thought the hat belonged to the maid.
(b) That Julle is still offended.
(c) That Hedda is sorry she said anything.
(d) That Hedda was jealous of the hat.

8. Who does Tesman invite over to their house for evening in Act 1 of HEDDA GABLER?
(a) Brack.
(b) Mrs Elvsted.
(c) Berte.
(d) Ejlert Lovborg.

9. When Hedda and Brack are discussing a trip in a compartment on a train, what are they really discussing?
(a) Fidelity in marriage.
(b) The importance of having good friends close by.
(c) The unexpected in life.
(d) Getting away from society.

10. What kind of friends were Mrs Elvsted and Hedda in school?
(a) They were classmates that spent a lot of time on school work together.
(b) They were inseperable best friends.
(c) They were seperated by a year, and Mrs Elvsted was frightened of Hedda.
(d) They had some good friends in common and so they saw a lot of each other.

11. What does Hedda tell Brack about her trip with Tesman?
(a) She was very bored with only Tesman for company.
(b) She wishes she never had to return home.
(c) She liked the people she met abroad.
(d) She missed her wonderful home.

12. Why are people concerned about Rina?
(a) She recently offended an important man.
(b) She is missing.
(c) She is about to have a child.
(d) She is elderly and bedridden.

13. What does Julle do as soon as she enters the room in the beginning of the first act?
(a) Hugs Hedda.
(b) Reads a manuscript.
(c) Opens a window.
(d) Writes a letter.

14. When Julle leaves at the end of Act 1, what are her plans for returning?
(a) She will return to spend the winter.
(b) She plans never to return.
(c) She plans on returning every day to visit.
(d) She is afraid she'll be too busy to come often.

15. What is Brack's reaction when he realizes that Tesman is not at home and that he is alone with Hedda?
(a) Brack is uncomfortable and makes awkward conversation.
(b) Brack apologizes for the intrusion and withdraws.
(c) Brack is pleased and says he would have come earlier.
(d) Brack tells Hedda a secret.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are people suggesting when they note Hedda has "filled out" during her travels?

2. What would best characterize the way Hedda greets Julle?

3. What part of Mrs Elvsted does Hedda find "irritating"?

4. Which answer best describes Tesman's perception of Hedda?

5. What does Hedda complain about just after greeting Julle?

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