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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Lovborg write his book?
(a) During a long solitary vacation.
(b) Within the year prior to the happenings in Hedda Gabler.
(c) When he was unter the tutelage of Mr Elvsted.
(d) In his "good days" before he started drinking.

2. What does Julle do as soon as she enters the room in the beginning of the first act?
(a) Hugs Hedda.
(b) Reads a manuscript.
(c) Opens a window.
(d) Writes a letter.

3. What state of mind is Mrs Elvsted in when she arrives?
(a) Confident and cheery.
(b) Nervous and desperate.
(c) Concerned and thoughtful.
(d) Excited and bubbly.

4. What was Hedda's life like before she married?
(a) She was the heiress to a large fortune.
(b) She was the popular daughter of a general.
(c) She was the beautiful daughter of a poor family.
(d) She was a school teacher.

5. Does Berte leave her belongings lying around?
(a) No, Hedda had left it and forgotten about it.
(b) No, the item belonged to Julle.
(c) Yes, they were always returning things to her.
(d) Yes, and they dismissed her for it.

6. What two events does Tesman accidentally schedule for the same time?
(a) Mrs Elvsted's visit and work for his next book.
(b) Lovborg's visit and Brack's dinner.
(c) Brack's party and his wife's birthday.
(d) Lovborg's visit and a visit from his aunt.

7. What would best characterize the way Hedda greets Julle?
(a) Appreciative and obliging.
(b) Loving and warm.
(c) Excited and enthusiastic.
(d) Cool and formal.

8. What is Brack's reaction when he realizes that Tesman is not at home and that he is alone with Hedda?
(a) Brack is uncomfortable and makes awkward conversation.
(b) Brack tells Hedda a secret.
(c) Brack apologizes for the intrusion and withdraws.
(d) Brack is pleased and says he would have come earlier.

9. Why does Hedda tell Brack is the reason she told Tesman she wanted to live in this particular house?
(a) Because she knew he wanted it.
(b) To fill an awkward silence in conversation.
(c) So she could be close to people she liked.
(d) Because it was the nicest one Tesman could afford.

10. When Tesman and Brack first invite Lovborg to Brack's party, what does Lovborg do?
(a) Decline.
(b) Warmly accept as a way to regain old ties.
(c) Agree to stay with Hedda when she asks him to.
(d) Cautiously agree to go.

11. What is the profession of Jorgen Tesman?
(a) Tesman does not work.
(b) Politician.
(c) Merchant and importer.
(d) Academic researcher and aspiring professor.

12. What does Mrs Elvsted ask of Tesman in Act 1 of Hedda Gabler?
(a) To be kind to Lovborg and keep a watchful eye on him.
(b) To let Lovborg have the professorship.
(c) To let her know what he thinks of Lovborg's book.
(d) To continue Lovborg's work.

13. What does Hedda do when Brack arrives in the beginning of Act 2 of HEDDA GABLER?
(a) ShootS at him with her pistol.
(b) Wishes Tesman were at home so she wouldn't have to be alone with Brack.
(c) Expresses her pleasure at being alone with Brack.
(d) HideS Tesman's manuscript.

14. Which of the following best describes Mrs Elvsted's marriage?
(a) Comfortable and satisfactory.
(b) Loveless and convenient.
(c) Abusive and horrible.
(d) Passionate and unwise.

15. What part of Mrs Elvsted does Hedda find "irritating"?
(a) Her manner of speaking.
(b) Her hair.
(c) Her mannerisms.
(d) Her clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kept Hedda and Tesman up late the night of their return?

2. Who embroidered Tesman's slippers?

3. How is Lovborg's book received by the public?

4. When Hedda and Brack are discussing a trip in a compartment on a train, what are they really discussing?

5. What does Lovborg say about his recently published book?

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