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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following best compares the nature of Tesman's book to the nature of Lovborg's book?
(a) The truth to the fanciful.
(b) The mundane to the visionary.
(c) The useful to the superfluous.
(d) The scholarly to the chaotic.

2. What are people suggesting when they note Hedda has "filled out" during her travels?
(a) That she lives a life of leisure.
(b) That she doesn't love her husband.
(c) That she is letting herself go.
(d) That she is pregnant.

3. When did Lovborg write his book?
(a) In his "good days" before he started drinking.
(b) When he was unter the tutelage of Mr Elvsted.
(c) During a long solitary vacation.
(d) Within the year prior to the happenings in Hedda Gabler.

4. In the second act, what do we learn about the hat incident?
(a) That Hedda is sorry she said anything.
(b) Hedda only pretended she thought the hat belonged to the maid.
(c) That Julle is still offended.
(d) That Hedda was jealous of the hat.

5. Does Berte leave her belongings lying around?
(a) Yes, and they dismissed her for it.
(b) Yes, they were always returning things to her.
(c) No, Hedda had left it and forgotten about it.
(d) No, the item belonged to Julle.

6. What does Hedda do when Brack arrives in the beginning of Act 2 of HEDDA GABLER?
(a) Expresses her pleasure at being alone with Brack.
(b) Wishes Tesman were at home so she wouldn't have to be alone with Brack.
(c) ShootS at him with her pistol.
(d) HideS Tesman's manuscript.

7. What would best characterize the way Hedda greets Julle?
(a) Loving and warm.
(b) Appreciative and obliging.
(c) Excited and enthusiastic.
(d) Cool and formal.

8. What are Mrs Elvsted's plans for the future?
(a) Start formal divorce proceedings.
(b) Write and publish a book of her own.
(c) Stay in town as long as her husband will agree to.
(d) None, other than to be near Ejlert Lovborg.

9. Who embroidered Tesman's slippers?
(a) Hedda.
(b) Berte.
(c) His Aunt Rina.
(d) Julle.

10. Which of the following best characterizes Tesman's feeling towards Julle?
(a) Bossy and callous.
(b) Intimidated and reverent.
(c) Afectionate and doting.
(d) Tolerant and accepting.

11. Why is Mrs Elvsted uneasy talking about her home life?
(a) Because she knows Hedda is unhappy.
(b) Because she has just left her husband.
(c) Because her husband is unfaithful.
(d) Because her husband is an old flame of Hedda's.

12. From where are Tesman and Hedda returning?
(a) The funeral of Hedda's father.
(b) Spending the summer in the country.
(c) Visiting a relative that is unwell.
(d) Their honeymoon.

13. What is the relationship between Tesman and Julle in the play, HEDDA GABLER?
(a) Nephew and aunt.
(b) Brother and sister.
(c) Cousins.
(d) Close friends.

14. Which of the following best characterizes Mrs Elvsted's feelings regarding Lovborg?
(a) Fearful, thwarted, and rancorous.
(b) Skeptical and cautious.
(c) Protective, worried, and adoring.
(d) Proud, sure, and boastful.

15. What item in Hedda and Tesman's house has been moved out of view in the beginning of Act 2 of HEDDA GABLER?
(a) The pistols.
(b) The bouquet of flowers.
(c) Hedda's piano.
(d) The picture of Rina.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the professorship so important to Tesman?

2. When Hedda and Brack are discussing a trip in a compartment on a train, what are they really discussing?

3. Which are the most appropriate words to describe Hedda in the first act?

4. How were the furnishings in the house paid for?

5. Who does Tesman invite over to their house for evening in Act 1 of HEDDA GABLER?

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