Hedda Gabler Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How do Hedda and Aunt Julle get along?

Aunt Julle tries very hard to be warm and familiar with Hedda, but Hedda is cold and distant. Aunt Julle is excited by the prospect that Hedda might be pregnant, but that bothers Hedda too. Hedda has a tendency to make Aunt Julle feel unwelcome or that Hedda is embarrassed of her.

2. Describe the incident with the hat in Act 1 of Hedda Gabler.

When Aunt Julle arrives she tells Tesman she bought a new hat in an attempt to please Hedda. She takes off the hat and leaves it on a table. When Hedda comes into the room she sees the hat, and says they will have to let the maid go, because she has left "her old hat" lying around. This is upsetting to Aunt Julle for two reasons, first that it is her new hat, and second because Aunt Julle is close to Berte, the maid, who has been with the family since Tesman was a little boy.

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