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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hedda have to move to make space for Tesman and Mrs Elvsted to work?
(a) Her sewing.
(b) Her piano.
(c) Her flowers.
(d) Her sheet music.

2. What is the very important thing that Hedda keeps from Lovborg when he comes to see her in Act 3?
(a) Her love and sympathy.
(b) The money he needs to buy back his manuscript.
(c) His manuscript.
(d) Information about the professorship.

3. Which of the following best characterizes Tesman's feeling towards Julle?
(a) Bossy and callous.
(b) Intimidated and reverent.
(c) Tolerant and accepting.
(d) Afectionate and doting.

4. What is the relationship between Tesman and Julle in the play, HEDDA GABLER?
(a) Nephew and aunt.
(b) Close friends.
(c) Brother and sister.
(d) Cousins.

5. Why did Lovborg fight with Miss Diana?
(a) Lovborg thought she took his manuscript.
(b) Miss Diana wanted him to stop drinking.
(c) Miss Diana demanded that he give her his book.
(d) Lovborg wanted more money from her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Tesman invite over to their house for evening in Act 1 of HEDDA GABLER?

2. When Tesman and Brack first invite Lovborg to Brack's party, what does Lovborg do?

3. Why is Mrs Elvsted uneasy talking about her home life?

4. What does Hedda tell Brack her reason's were for marrying Tesman?

5. When Hedda and Brack are discussing a trip in a compartment on a train, what are they really discussing?

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