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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ejlert Lovborg do shortly after publishing his book?
(a) Applies for a professorship.
(b) Leaves the Elvsted household to return to town.
(c) Falls in love with Diana, a red headed singer.
(d) Inherits a fortune.

2. What does Hedda complain about just after greeting Julle?
(a) An open window.
(b) Having nothing to do.
(c) The difficulty with servants.
(d) How long it has been since they've met.

3. What reason does Hedda give Lovborg for not following through on a threat she made a long time ago?
(a) She knew it was wrong.
(b) It would have damaged her chances of marrying Tesman.
(c) She was a coward and afraid of scandal.
(d) Because she loved Lovborg.

4. What is the usual manner for Brack's arrivals and departures?
(a) He arrives unannounced through the back door and garden.
(b) He comes and goes with Tesman.
(c) He lets himself in without using the bell so not to disturb anyone.
(d) The front door, as a formal guest.

5. Why are people concerned about Rina?
(a) She is elderly and bedridden.
(b) She recently offended an important man.
(c) She is about to have a child.
(d) She is missing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What attribute does he give Mrs Elvsted that he knows Hedda lacks?

2. What does Berte deliver for Tesman at a very early hour of the morning?

3. What part of Mrs Elvsted does Hedda find "irritating"?

4. What does Lovborg say about his recently published book?

5. What role did Ejlert Lovborg play in the Elvsted household prior to the happenings in the play Hedda Gabler?

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