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Objective: Henrik Ibsen lived from 1828 to 1906. He wrote many plays, some that were considered controversial in his time, and became known as "the father of modern drama". HEDDA GABLER is one of his later works, and although to a lesser degree than his early work, is still considered a commentary on society. This lesson will deal with understanding the society and morality that the characters of the play HEDDA GABLER live in.

1. Preparatory Task: HEDDA GABLER was first performed in 1890, towards the end of the Victorian Era in history. Have each student research at home and bring to class some details of the Victorian era, specifically details that deal with the role of women in society. Such topics might include the role of women in the family, the workplace, in education, and other moral standards of the time regarding women.

2. In class discussion: Have students share the...

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