Hedda Gabler Character Descriptions

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Berte - This character is middle-aged maid who maintains a close relationship with some of the main characters of the play.

Mr. Brack - This character is a master manipulator who hides his own agenda under a veil of respectability.

Mrs. Elvsted - This character is responsible for the reformation of Lovborg and inspiring him to create his new work.

Hedda Gabler - This character is a self-centered cold person who is torn by opposing desires and feels threatened by a future that will not bring happiness.

Julle - See Miss Juliana Tesman.

Ejlert Lovborg - This character is an academic visionary and successful author whose life is plagued by a tendency to dissolute and disreputable conduct.

Mrs. Rysing - See Mrs. Elvsted.

Jorgen Tesman - This character is an unassuming and imperceptive person of no great outstanding talents either professionally or in personal relationships.

Hedda Tesman...

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