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Act 1, Part 1

• Julle visits her nephew, Tesman and his new wife Hedda at their new home.

• As Julle waits to see them, she opens a window to let the light in.

• Berte, the housemaid, tells Julle that Tesman and Hedda returned late the night before from their honeymoon, and were kept up even later by Hedda's need to unpack and put everything away. Julle defends Hedda, saying she is the daughter of a general and it's not surprising she is particular.

• Julle and Berte discuss Rina, Julle's elderly bedridden sister.

• Tesman enters and greets his aunt. He asks Berte to put away a suitcase of research papers.

• Tesman compliments Julle on her new hat, which he learns she bought on Hedda's account, so that Hedda wouldn't be embarrassed by her.

• Tesman and Julle chat about the prospects of the future. It becomes clear that although Tesman is focusing...

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