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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dave go to New Orleans?
(a) He is assigned a two-day stint there.
(b) He wants to access police records there.
(c) He goes there to drink so he is not seen in New Iberia drinking.
(d) He wants to find a permanent home for Alafair.

2. What does Dave see when he is wandering around outside?
(a) Two men get out and kill another one who is sitting in a car.
(b) Annie running out of the house screaming.
(c) A man running down the street with no clothes on carrying a shotgun.
(d) Two men open his door with a crowbar.

3. What is Dave's reply to Dautrieve?
(a) Maybe.
(b) No.
(c) He is unwilling to respond.
(d) Only one man.

4. What does Bubba believe about Dave?
(a) He thinks Bubba is responsible for killing Annie.
(b) He had ratted on Bubba to the wrong men.
(c) He had sex with Claudette.
(d) He had put out a contract on Bubba.

5. Who arrives after Annie is killed?
(a) Dautrieve.
(b) Batist.
(c) The INS agents.
(d) The cops.

6. What does Dave do at the only laundry facility he believes may be Romero's cousin's place?
(a) Stakes it out.
(b) Plants a large amount of coccaine.
(c) Trashes the place.
(d) Plants a bomb inside to go off when it is vacant in the middle of the night.

7. About what do Dave and Annie continue to argue?
(a) Officially reporting their having Alafair.
(b) Moving out of Louisianna to Annie's home state.
(c) Dave's being involved in the investigation of the plane crash.
(d) Keeping Alafair.

8. Where does Dave go to find Robin?
(a) Key West.
(b) Boca Raton.
(c) Tampa.
(d) Orlando.

9. What do Dave and Bubba do on a street corner?
(a) Shoot at each other.
(b) Exchange information.
(c) Argue.
(d) Fist fight.

10. Who is just arriving at Dave's house one day as he drives up?
(a) Alafair.
(b) Robin.
(c) Bubba.
(d) Batist.

11. Why does Claudette get angry?
(a) Dave insults her.
(b) Dave tells her he is tailing her.
(c) Dave won't speak to her.
(d) Dave rejects her proposition.

12. What occurs in New Iberia a few days after Annie and Dave meet Claudette?
(a) A huge bank heist.
(b) A Brinks truck robbery.
(c) A storm.
(d) A triple murder.

13. Who is Cecil Aguillard?
(a) The man who kidnapps Annie.
(b) An INS agent.
(c) Dave's new partner.
(d) The man who kills Annie.

14. With whom does Dave become lovers?
(a) Robin.
(b) No one; it's too soon after Annie's death.
(c) His old high school sweetheart.
(d) His ex-wife.

15. Where does Dave spot Romero?
(a) In a adult book store.
(b) In a bar.
(c) Walking back to his apartment with a bag of groceries.
(d) In the Chinese food place next door to the laundry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is described as dim-witted?

2. Of what does Dautrieve warn Dave?

3. What does Jerry tell Dave about Romero?

4. How is Annie killed?

5. How does Cecil come to regard Dave?

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