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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dave's best area as a cop?
(a) Surveillance.
(b) On the streets.
(c) Forensics.
(d) Using the computer for research.

2. Where does Dave go to find Robin?
(a) Tampa.
(b) Key West.
(c) Boca Raton.
(d) Orlando.

3. About what do Dave and Annie continue to argue?
(a) Moving out of Louisianna to Annie's home state.
(b) Keeping Alafair.
(c) Officially reporting their having Alafair.
(d) Dave's being involved in the investigation of the plane crash.

4. What is Dave's reply to Dautrieve?
(a) No.
(b) He is unwilling to respond.
(c) Only one man.
(d) Maybe.

5. What do Claudette and Annie do when they meet?
(a) Size up each other.
(b) Make sarcastic comments to each other.
(c) Refuse to speak to the other woman.
(d) Find they instantly like each other.

6. What does Dave do when Keats comes into the bar?
(a) He does not come in as he is already dead.
(b) Shoots him.
(c) Hits him on the side of the head with a pool cue.
(d) Handcuffs him and arrests him.

7. What call does Dave get to investigate?
(a) About a drug find.
(b) A dead man in a bathtub.
(c) A man who is badly beaten but still alive.
(d) A dead man in a dumpster.

8. What happens to Alafair?
(a) She is put in a foster home.
(b) She is cared for by different people in the community.
(c) She is sent back to her home country.
(d) She is adopted by another couple.

9. Of what does Dautrieve warn Dave?
(a) To stay out of the case as the INS men could be trouble.
(b) That Keats has died and Dave is a suspect.
(c) That Keats has taken a contract out on Dave.
(d) That some of the police detectives know about Alafair.

10. Who goes fishing with Dave?
(a) Batist.
(b) Dautrieve.
(c) Alafair.
(d) Robin.

11. What does Dave want to do?
(a) Take his gun and go after the killers.
(b) Find Annie's kidnappers.
(c) Find Keats.
(d) Dive in the bay and retrieve Annie's body.

12. What do Dave and Bubba do on a street corner?
(a) Fist fight.
(b) Argue.
(c) Exchange information.
(d) Shoot at each other.

13. What does Dave conclude about Bubba?
(a) He is the kingpin behind Annie's death.
(b) Bubba would not have come to the funeral if he is responsible for Annie's death.
(c) He is not involved in Annie's death.
(d) Dave is not sure yet.

14. What is Cecil's ethnic background?
(a) Negro.
(b) A mixture of Cajun, Negro, and Chitimacha Indian.
(c) Hispanic.
(d) Slavic.

15. What does Dave do at the only laundry facility he believes may be Romero's cousin's place?
(a) Stakes it out.
(b) Plants a bomb inside to go off when it is vacant in the middle of the night.
(c) Trashes the place.
(d) Plants a large amount of coccaine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Cecil Aguillard?

2. How does Cecil come to regard Dave?

3. Why does Claudette get angry?

4. What does Dave do before returning to New Iberia?

5. What does Monroe offer to Dave?

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